We work with a vast array of global CNC turning suppliers. Four times faster than manual turning, and up to 99.9% accurate, CNC turning services are vital for a huge range of applications.

Our aluminium turning service

What is CNC turning?

During the CNC turning process, an aluminium component is rotated at varying speeds around a central shaft, its rotation pattern determined by the data entered into the computer.

A single-point cutting tool is fitted in the machine. This is then positioned and manoeuvred to produce cylindrical cuts of precise depths and diameters on the spinning component. CNC turning can be used on the outside of a component, resulting in a tubular shape, or on the inside, producing a tubular cavity – this is referred to as boring.

What is CNC turning used for?

CNC turning and boring services are used to fashion components with round or tubular shapes from larger pieces of material. Some of the typical applications we supply CNC turning and boring services for include:

  • Support posts in office furniture
  • Support elements in shower rails
  • Housings for automatic door closers


Flexible service

From single prototypes to batches of thousands, simple profiles and complex componentry, our CNC turning service can accommodate most commercial requirements.

Intricate tooling

We can design, source and supply intricate tooling for challenging components, and may request a sample at the start of a project to ensure we get the best results for you.

Cost effective

Working with a number of expert partners, we can offer you a high quality, cost effective solution. You place the order, we'll do the rest, saving you time as well as money.

Design advice

Our design experts can advise you on every aspect of your project, using CAD and prototyping to ensure your finished product is perfect for its designated application.
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