Aluminium CNC extrusion

CNC Extrusion is a process during which a piece of aluminium is pushed through a die, shaping the aluminium bar to match that particular cross section.

Once the aluminium has been extruded, cooled and treated, it can be processed, machined and worked in a variety of ways. We also offer a variety of extrusion finishes.

While there are standard cross sections (known as profiles), such as bars, tubes and channels, we also create bespoke dies and unique profiles to match your individual specifications.

Why aluminium CNC extrusion?

Strong and ductile

Aluminium profiles and components offer good strength to weight ratio, as well as increased strength in cold environments. An extremely ductile metal, aluminium is a good choice for structural components. Its strength to weight ratio makes it an essential component in a range of transportation applications, such as planes, trains and cars.


Aluminium is the second most malleable metal, offering high levels of design freedom and making it relatively easy and cheap to process. We are able to extrude aluminium into a variety of bespoke shapes, including complex cross sections, and can machine it in a number of ways, including precise and close tolerance machining, and near-net shape production.


An excellent conductor of heat and electricity, aluminium is often used in electrical applications, such as powerlines and conductors, and for thermal reasons in items like radiators and car parts. Combined with its relatively light weight, aluminium’s conductivity makes it a good choice for energy transfer applications.


Aluminium can be recycled time and again without losing any of its intrinsic qualities. Combined with its relatively low energy requirements during manufacture and its low weight, aluminium is ideal for environmentally responsible applications.


Aluminium can be extruded into intricate, one-piece shapes and cross-sections, minimising the need for mechanical joining methods. Combined with high tensile strength and ductility, the lack of seams makes them less likely to weaken, loosen or break due to repeated use.

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