We deliver a comprehensive range of Aluminium CNC machining services, offering our customers a completely flexible solution for anything from precision componentry to long length fabrication.

Our Aluminium CNC machining services

At Edmo, we like to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions. That’s why, in addition to our bespoke aluminium extrusion and fabrication services, we’ve developed an extensive range of computer numerical control (CNC) machining centres. We’re able to produce premium quality component parts quickly and affordably, all to suit your individual needs.

Services offered by our CNC machining department include:

CNC machine bending

We can supply tube bending, roller bending, stretch forming and flow forming services to our customers, using tailored processes and integrating other machining services to achieve bespoke results.

CNC machine drilling

Our selection of four-axis CNC centres and custom drill bits allow us to combine creative solutions and rapid processing times to get you the best results in the shortest lead time possible.

CNC machine milling

We can meet a huge range of milling requirements, from small components to large profiles. With our four-axis CNC centres, we can produce intricate pieces with a range of slots, holes and shapes.

CNC machine turning

Our machine turning and boring services are typically four times faster than the manual equivalent. Offering a reliable 99.9% accuracy, CNC turning delivers precise and timely results.

CNC machining benefits

Flexible service

From single prototypes to batches of thousands, and components from 50mm to 6700mm, our CNC machining department can accommodate most commercial requirements.

Intricate tooling

We’re always investing in our machinery. Our range of four-axis CNC centres enable us to work on intricate components while maintaining efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Custom solutions

We don’t believe one size fits all. Our expertise in tooling and jig design, and die-casting, help us create bespoke solutions to your business’s unique challenges.

Integrated service

Our coordinated services can take you right from design to delivery, meaning you spend less time chasing suppliers and more time getting on with your day to day operations.
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