Accessibility aids play an integral role in developing mobility and disability inclusive building designs, none more apparent than in the medical/healthcare sectors. Our range of aluminium services contribute high quality, aluminium assistive product components throughout the industry, ensuring safety, autonomy and comfort for all.

An introduction to grab rails

Grab rails (also known as grab bars or handles), are a form of mobility aid, helping individuals to navigate settings safely. Quality grab rails are essential to provide stability and comfort for their users, with material durability an inherent necessity.

Grab rails may be installed in a variety of locations in medical and healthcare settings, serving as points of mobility support for situational functions:

Hospital bathrooms: Grab rails are a fundamental requirement for hospital bathrooms, supporting patients in their use. Rails and bars may be installed surrounding toilets to assist individuals, with installation in showers next to shower stalls chosen to mitigate accidents and improve usability for all.

Patient rooms: Grab rails are commonly mounted beside patients beds, providing assistance in entering and exiting their beds safely.

Hallways: Grab rails may be installed along the length of hallways to provide a mobility aid for patients, visitors or individuals navigating a building.

Our range of aluminium fabrication services, including CNC tube bending and aluminium extrusions, support high quality grab rail manufacturing, tailored to your specific requirements.

An introduction to stairlifts:

Stairlifts are a form of mobility aid, assisting individuals in ascending and descending stairs. Stairlifts may be installed in a variety of buildings, comprised of a number of distinct parts and components:

Carriage: The carriage is an essential component to a stairlift, used to seat the user. Stairlift carriages are primarily manufactured from aluminium, though may include a combination of additional materials.

Stairlift guide rails: Stairlift guide rails are the rails in which the carriage travels along. To ensure strength and durability, they are primarily manufactured from extruded aluminium.

Seat and footrest: These components are essential contact points for the user and are typically manufactured from a combination of aluminium, plastic or upholstery.

Armrests: These provide support and stability for the user. They can be made from aluminium, plastic, or upholstery.

Swivel mechanisms: The swivel mechanism supports the turning of the seat to enhance user accessibility, helping individuals to safely exit the stairlift. These may be manufactured from a number of aluminium components.

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Our range of aluminium fabrication and extrusion services ensure quality manufacturing of stairlift components. With over 45 years of manufacturing expertise, our turnkey services effectively integrate throughout your supply chain.

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