Let us strengthen your aluminium extrusions and protect them from corrosion with our aluminium anodising service. Attractive and hard-wearing protective coating in a wide range of colours and finishes.

Our aluminium anodising service

What is aluminium anodising?

Unlike iron or steel, aluminium isn’t susceptible to rust. Instead, it oxidises, forming a thin layer of aluminium oxide on its surface when it comes into contact with oxygen.

This dense layer of corrosion actually helps to protect the metal beneath. Hard anodising works by thickening the oxide layer, offering increased corrosion protection, and preserving the quality of the metal beneath.

Aluminium anodising involves passing an electric current through the aluminium before lowering it into an acid bath, where it becomes the anode in the electrical circuit. The electric current causes oxygen to be released at the anode, which reacts with the aluminium to form an oxide layer. The thickness of the layer is determined by the time the aluminium spends in the tank.

What is anodising used for?

Our service is used by any number of businesses, whenever there is a need for aluminium to be extra hard-wearing and corrosion resistant. Some of the industries we have supplied aluminium anodising to include:
  • Aerospace and automotive
  • Architecture
  • Building and construction
  • Industrial electronics
  • Building and office façades
  • Furniture and specialist seating
  • Consumer goods and electronics
  • Curtain walling
  • Building and construction
  • Coach building
  • Solar shading assembly
  • Disability aids
  • Renewable energy
  • Office and industrial lighting
  • Building and office facades
  • Gaming machine manufacture and fabrication
  • Furniture and specialist seating
  • Bath and shower accessories
  • Heating and lighting
  • Flooring
  • Doors and windows
  • Office furniture
  • Sport and outdoor activities
  • Military and security

Aluminium Anodosing Benefits

Range of colours

We cater to a wide range of colour anodising requirements, delivering aluminium in a variety of attractive shades, including gold, silver, and stainless steel effect.

Pre-anodised or bespoke

We can source pre-anodised aluminium for our clients, or arrange for material to be anodised per specification by one of our specialist anodising supply partners.

Tailored approach

With years of experience and a vast network of partners, we can create the perfect solution for you, catering to design, functionality, cost, and supply logistics.

Full project management

Rather than spending time and money on identifying and contacting reputable and available anodisers, let Edmo do the work. We’ll deliver all your extrusion and anodising needs in one.
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