Aluminium Falsework for the construction sector

Aluminium Formwork is a construction site system for forming concrete as a cast around a construction. It is also used for other requirements such as steel reinforcement, mechanical conduits and electrical conduits. 

Aluminum Falsework is a straightforward and simple system, which is also cost effective. Aluminum Falsework ensures that the design for architects comes to life, by holding a framework around the concrete as it sets. Aluminum Falsework is incredibly accurate, which means that all fittings follow the same design and creates a seamless finish. For internal castings, Aluminum Falsework eliminates the requirement for additional plastering as it leaves a smooth finish, ready for the next stages of development. 

Aluminum Falsework also benefits from being able to be used by unskilled labour work forces, without the requirement for qualification. Aluminum Falsework also reduces other project costs, as it does not require cranes to be erected. 

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Edmo Limited work with many to suppliers to the construction and architectural industries. Our extruded aluminium is strong, lightweight and ideally suited to the needs of Aluminium Falsework systems manufacturers.

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