How do you achieve supply continuity when you’re short on space? We can source, supply and store a vast range of materials and components in line with your commercial expectations.

Our aluminium stock holding service

At Edmo, we understand that space is at a premium. So what happens when demand for your product outstrips your stock holding capabilities? You risk being unable to fulfil orders, placing your business at the mercy of market volatility, or you find an alternative.

Our aluminium warehouse stock holding service is an affordable solution. We’ll work with you to outline your commercial and logistics requirements, before coming up with a plan to suit you, your customers, and the industry you’re in.

We maintain close contact from the outset. We learn about your requirements, and the stock patterns throughout your trading history, so we can understand, predict and offset the fluctuations you’re likely to face. Our forward-planning can be as far as 12 months in advance, so you’re protected from stock shortages should the unexpected happen.

In addition to sourcing, storing and supplying your goods, we can also carry out full stock control - one more weight off your shoulders.

How is our aluminium stock holding service different?

What you’ll get from some companies is a space on a shelf and nothing else. That’s not how we work at Edmo.

Our aluminium stock holding service is just one of a diverse range of extrusion services we offer. Designed to fit seamlessly with our other services, stock holding is usually the final stage in the bespoke, end-to-end solutions that make us so popular with businesses across the UK.

Just some of the added value we offer as part of our stock holding service:

  • We carry out full inspections of the material we source and supply to ensure compliance
  • If you order stock in advance, we guarantee a fair and fixed price
  • Nothing leaves our warehouse without stringent quality control checks
  • We monitor the London Metal Exchange to ensure price stability
  • We can inspect components and ensure they conform to drawing
  • Stock holding is part of the complete extrusion solution we deliver

At Edmo, we can take you right from design to delivery. Many of our customers take advantage of the turnkey solution we offer, coming to us with a concept and trusting us to look after everything from extrusion, fabrication, assembly, storage and delivery - complete with branded packaging.

Why we hold aluminium in stock


Our aluminium stock holding can save your business money on storage and help you meet higher volumes of orders without being held back by a lack of space.

Protection against demand volatility

The last thing you want is to be caught short when a large order comes in. Our stock controllers can help you prevent this from happening.


We can trace every extrusion we supply, and provide you with a range of compliance documentation on the stock we hold for your business.

Multi-site storage

We’ve got extensive storage for WIP and finished goods at our sites in Ross-on-Wye and Wednesbury, allowing us to work with companies all over the country.

Rapid response

In case of sudden demand, we’ll do our best to get you the goods within the week. We’ll fast track your stock through out quality control, so you get the best results - fast.

Supply partners

Combining our in-house capabilities and our global network of extrusion experts, we can source, store and supply a huge range of materials and components for you.
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