Powder coating finishes

Powder coating finishes

We offer a stunning range of durable and vivid finishes on componentry, bar length, and completed aluminium products.

Powder coating is a versatile surface treatment available in a wide range of colours and finishes. The process uses electrostatic attraction, creating an electric field between negatively charged powder particles and the item being coated, which causes the particles to adhere to the metal surface. The metal is then heat-treated, enabling the coating to flow, and creating an attractive, even and hard-wearing finish.

Our coating service is used for an almost infinite range of applications and aluminium extrusions, wherever an attractive, hard-wearing coating is needed.

We can supply a total of 200 stock powder coating finishes, and cater to a wide range of colour requirements, including BS 4800 colours, RAL colours, and bespoke colours on request.

Powder coating finishes

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