Is powder coating aluminium extrusion better than spray painting it?

‘Better’ is a word we like to use carefully at Edmo. What’s right for one project isn’t necessarily the best solution for another, which is why we always take a bespoke approach to our customers’ requirements. Spray painting, which uses wet paint, has its plus sides: it’s ideal for products that can’t be heat-treated (this doesn’t apply to aluminium) and can produce a thinner finish than powder-coating, so it may be better for applications demanding a thin surface finish. Finally, it’s generally cheaper than powder-coating, particularly for small jobs. On the other hand, powder coating aluminium gives a more durable finish in just one coat, where wet painting can require multiple layers to achieve the right finish, and is usually far more corrosion and abrasion resistant than spray painting.

If you’d like to chat to us about whether powder coated extruded aluminium is right for your project, please get in touch – we’re happy to advise.

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