Aluminium fabricator EDMO joins Amari Group

Aluminium fabricator, EDMO has joined the Amari Metals Engineering Group (AMEG). This acquisition offers a new layer of aluminium services and sector expertise to the group, while also strengthening the stability and network of EDMO. 

AMEG is a consortium of market-leading companies that specialise in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and supply of precision components, fittings, forms, sections and materials. The move is set to bolster EDMO’s offering to the medical sector, including accessibility components, such as stair lift parts and grab rails.

“Ultimately, businesses want to futureproof themselves. That often means purchasing metal parts from a well established group,” explained Darren Henry, Sales Manager at EDMO. “We’re really proud to be a part of this excellent group, and believe we certainly offer something new with regards to our expertise of the medical and accessibility sector. 

“We look forward to meeting businesses who may not have previously heard of EDMO, but will now find out about us through AMEG. It’s a great opportunity for everyone involved.”

EDMO offers aluminium extrusion, fabrication, anodising and powder coating services to a wide range of industries. To discuss the aluminium services you require from us, please use our contact form and we’ll get back to you to discuss volumes, lead times and costs.


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