Aluminium – The first choice decking solution

With outdoor improvements and investment continuing to be a high priority, it’s key to make an informed choice where decking is concerned to avoid a costly mistake.

Both the aesthetic appearance and the safety features different products offer are of paramount importance in the decision-making process.

In terms of performance and long-term purpose, high grade manufactured aluminium decking offers a number of key benefits that other decking compositions fall short on,
failing to meet the mark and score highly on many basic performance indicators.

Firstly, durability, unlike timber decking, aluminium is not vulnerable to the elements or other threats such as woodworm, damp, mould and rot. With this, it also brings a welcomed low maintenance approach to aftercare alleviating the need for ongoing treatments to keep decking in good condition after the installation itself, which incidentally is a straightforward process.

A key benefit of aluminium decking relates to safety as it is proven to be non-slip and the best safety choice for balconies and garden decking for both residential and commercial areas. The superior engineering process of aluminium decking also allows the specification to be to a very fine grooved surface that facilitates drainage.

This finish provides the optimum surface to minimise hazards due to a build-up of moss and other natural elements that can change the surface of the decking material and present a threat to safety.

Practically speaking, aluminium decking far outweighs wooden decking on functionality too, it is incredibly lightweight and therefore structurally efficient with the ability to support a heavy load without compromise. For fire safety compliance, the aluminium composition also presents a safer option to timber. Darren Henry from Edmo said

“Aluminium decking presents the ideal decking choice for a variety of spaces. It is a superior material and brings with in a wealth of features and benefits for both domestic and commercial solutions.”

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