New investment for 2018: business growth and sustainable employment

The next financial period is set to be an exciting one at Edmo, with a new RALC CNC machining centre paving the way for significant business growth that will benefit both Edmo and our customers.

Our aluminium extrusion solutions

At Edmo, we design, source and supply bespoke extruded aluminium components, products and profiles for our customers. We work with a global network of trusted supply partners to deliver great results on end-to-end projects.

Considering how versatile and cost-effective aluminium alloys are, the demand for extruded aluminium products is basically limitless. That’s why we’re going to be using the next financial period to expand our capabilities to accommodate additional work for new and existing customers.

Our planned investment

We’ve identified a potential bottleneck in our long-bed CNC machining capacity that, if left unaddressed, will limit our ability to produce fabricated aluminium components and goods.

To enable our business to grow to its maximum potential, and to continue to satisfy the needs of all our customers, we need to increase our aluminium extrusion fabrication capacity.

We are investing in:

  • A RALC 6.7m High Speed Vertical Machining Centre complete with enclosure
  • A Heli HFG25 LPG Counterbalance Fork Truck

The RALC machining centre will increase our capacity for the type of fabrication work it handles by at least 50%. It will also enable us to fabricate larger pieces of work than our existing equipment can accommodate.

We expect our increased aluminium extrusion fabrication capacity and capabilities to result in higher production outputs and new business from current and potential customers. The new machining centre costs around £125,000 and follows investment of roughly £500,000 over the last 24 months.

Environmental benefits

In line with our environmental responsibility policies, we’ve taken the time to consider how the new investment at Edmo can reduce our impact on the environment.

The green benefits of this project are three-fold:

  • Software and technology: improved control software and energy-efficient motors will mean a 20% reduction in power consumption, equal to 4,000kWh per year – around 1.5% of our factory electricity consumption.
  • Handling efficiency: increased handling efficiency will result in reduced materials movements and shorter machining times, resulting in a machine power saving of 1,000kWh per annum. The new machine will also accommodate larger items without needing to be reset or handle products twice.
  • Transport and movement: the new machine will enable us to address new customer products that our existing equipment is too small to handle, reducing the number of items we need to transport to alternative facilities.

New employment opportunities

In addition to increased capacity and reduced environmental impact, the new CNC machining centre and fork-lift truck will provide up to seven new employment opportunities at our Ross-on-Wye facility.

The full time jobs lasting one year or more that will be created by March 2018 include:

  • Two machine setters and operators
  • Two upstream process operators e.g. saw operator
  • Two materials handling staff members (including one fork lift operator)
  • One multi-departmental assistant (e.g. assembly, inspection packing, dispatch)

If you would be interested in finding out more about any of these positions, please call our office on 01989 768 307 for full details.

When is all this happening?

Our new 6.7m 3 axis, dual station CNC machining centre is due to be installed within the next month (December 2017) and will be fully operational by January 2018, increasing our capacity for aluminium extrusion fabrication of that type by 50%.

We also have a number of additional investments planned for the next business period, and look forward to updating you on those in due course.

Edmo’s main activity is the specification, sourcing and supply of customer specific aluminium extrusion components and products. We are able to supply our customers with a range of types of goods, from fabricated components through to sub-assemblies and finished goods complete in final packaging. For more information on any of our aluminium extrusion fabrication services, please contact us.


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