How much does aluminium extrusion cost per kg?

How much aluminium extrusion costs per kilo is governed by the London Metal Exchange (LME), taking into account the global market and fluctuations in supply and demand. What this means is that the cost per kilo of aluminium extrusion is never the same. In addition, aluminium is traded in US dollars, which means that we have to take the exchange rate into account.

In order to protect our customers from price fluctuations, we offer prices that are fixed for a month after a quote is first produced. So if the cost per kg of aluminium extrusion increases a day after we’ve quoted you, we’ll absorb that cost.

If you wish to secure a fixed cost per kg for a period of up to 12 months, we can arrange to forward purchase metal as a means of securing this price. Having a fixed aluminium extrusion cost per kg for a year can give you a valuable period of price security that proves particularly helpful in the early days of your business, or in lean times. It also makes good business sense!

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