The aluminium extrusions we supply meet tolerances outlined by BS EN 755-9:2001. However, many of the tolerances we supply improve on this standard. If you have specific or increased tolerance requirements, a member of our technical engineering team will be happy to discuss how we can help you. The tolerances we can achieve on cut to length aluminium extrusion are profile dependent, ranging from +/- 0.2mm to +/- 0.5mm as standard but, again, subject to enhancement if needed.


The main standard for aluminium extrusion tolerances is European Standard BS EN 755. However, where tighter tolerances are needed, we may be able work to the standards set out in BS EN 12020. There are some circumstances (usually depending on the size and intricacy of the profile being extruded) where we may not be able to improve on the aluminium extrusion general tolerances outlined in BS EN 755. The best way to check the tolerances we can achieve on your project is to ask: we can carry out a review of your proposed profile using dimensioned drawings, and let you know what’s achievable.


How much aluminium extrusion costs per kilo is governed by the London Metal Exchange (LME), taking into account the global market and fluctuations in supply and demand. What this means is that the cost per kilo of aluminium extrusion is never the same. In addition, aluminium is traded in US dollars, which means that we have to take the exchange rate into account.

In order to protect our customers from price fluctuations, we offer prices that are fixed for a month after a quote is first produced. So if the cost per kg of aluminium extrusion increases a day after we’ve quoted you, we’ll absorb that cost.

If you wish to secure a fixed cost per kg for a period of up to 12 months, we can arrange to forward purchase metal as a means of securing this price. Having a fixed aluminium extrusion cost per kg for a year can give you a valuable period of price security that proves particularly helpful in the early days of your business, or in lean times. It also makes good business sense!


Aluminium extrusion weight per metre is calculated from the surface area of the extruded profile. Extruded aluminium profiles come in an infinite range of shapes and sizes, so the aluminium extrusion weight per metre is used to calculate the £/kg cost.

To simplify matters at Edmo, we typically use the aluminium extrusion weight per metre to calculate a cost per piece, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying for each production run. If needed, we can also apply cost units of £/kg and £/metre.

If you have any particular cost requirements, or you’d like to know more about how we calculate our aluminium extrusion weight per metre, please let us know and we’ll be happy to talk you through any questions.


Aluminium extrusion is a metal forming process used to transform lengths of aluminium alloy into objects with a particular cross-section. The aluminium lengths, called billets, are pushed through an extrusion die with a smaller cross sectional area than the billets themselves. The billets take on the shape of the cross section on the die, so they can be used in various applications. The aluminium extrusion process is a relatively quick, simple and cost-effective one, and aluminium is particularly suited to this kind of forming.


Aluminium extrusion profiles - or extruded aluminium profiles - are the lengths that are created through the extrusion process. So the unworked length of aluminium that flows through the extrusion die is called a billet, and the formed lengths that emerge are profiles. Aluminium extrusion profiles come in an infinite range of solid and hollow shapes, such as L-shaped channels, square tubes and t-slot lengths.


We supply a wide range of extruded aluminium profiles to our customers, including products up to nine metres in length. In some cases, we can deliver extruded lengths of up to 12 metres, although this depends on the design of the profile needed. If your project needs any outsize extruded aluminium profiles, please let us know: we’ll either find a way to supply you with what you need, or we’ll recommend a supplier who can.


Rather than being aluminium extrusion manufacturers, we’re aluminium extrusion suppliers and fabricators. What this means is that we source premium quality aluminium extrusions from our global network of trusted partners. On the vast majority of occasions, these extrusions are custom-made to our customers’ unique specifications. Once the bespoke extrusion has been prepared, we can offer you a range of extrusion fabrication and finishing solutions, ranging from CNC machining to assembly and delivery.


Yes, our technical team is made up of engineers who are experts in aluminium extrusions. If you have any questions about the right aluminium extrusion alloys for your particular project, one of our team members will be happy to advise. The choice of aluminium extrusion alloys depends on a range of factors, including the product application (how the product will be used), the design, and the surface treatments needed.

Engineering design is part of the complete extrusion solution we offer, and helping our customers identify the perfect aluminium extrusion alloys for the job is just one part of that.


It really does depend on the nature of your project. Wherever possible, we use 6000 series aluminium extrusion alloys, as they are widely available and suited to commercial use. Of the available aluminium extrusion grades, we primarily use:

  • 6063
  • 6063a
  • 6005
  • 6005a
  • 6082

There are other available aluminium extrusion grades, however, there would rarely be a case in which we would need to use these. If you are unsure of whether the available aluminium extrusion grades are suited to your intended application, or would like to know which grade we would recommend, please feel free to contact us.


6000 series aluminium extrusion alloys are widely available and suited to most commercial applications, making them a good choice of alloy for much of the work we undertake for our customers.

This range of  aluminium extrusion alloys contain aluminium (of course!), manganese and silicon. These additional elements allow the alloys to undergo heat treatment to improve strength. 6000 series aluminium extrusion alloys are also well suited to fabrication such as welding, are versatile and hard-wearing enough for use in a variety of commercial and industrial applications, and offer good corrosion resistance and formability.


Yes, we can access a full range of standard extruded aluminium profiles on behalf of our customers, in addition to a range of pre-treated profiles such as pre-anodised aluminium sheets. But, standard extruded aluminium profiles are just a small part of what we do: we specialise in bespoke, end-to-end solutions, which means that the vast majority of extruded aluminium components and profiles we supply are made according to our customer's exact specifications.

Find out more about our turnkey aluminium extrusion and aluminium fabrication services.


BS EN 12020 is the European standard that specifies tolerances on the dimensions and form of extruded precision profiles - in our case, extruded aluminium profiles. In many cases, we can produce to this standard. However, some profile shapes and sizes would prevent us from doing so, which is why our technical team carefully reviews all drawings to verify. We’ll always give you an honest answer as to the tolerances we can achieve on your project, and we never over-promise.


Yes: there are plenty of places online where you can buy a variety of cheap aluminium extrusions and extruded aluminium components, and eBay is just one of them. We’ll wish you the best of luck, and we’ll be here to help you out in the likely event your cheap aluminium extrusions fall short of your expectations.

At Edmo, we’ve got decades of experience in aluminium extrusions, a wealth of technical and engineering expertise, and access to a global network of extrusion suppliers. We’re dedicated to getting the best deals for our customers in terms of price and lead-time, while offering premium quality, complete solutions. Our service can take your aluminium extrusion project from design to delivery, all project managed on your behalf.

Or, yes, you could type in “cheap aluminium extrusions” on eBay…


We supply aluminium extrusion solutions to customers in a huge variety of industries, including domestic, commercial and industrial lighting. We can, and do, supply aluminium extrusion for LED strip lighting, so let us know your exact requirements and we’ll be happy to let you know how our versatile, cost effective and fully managed extrusion solutions can help your business.


Being light, strong, cost-effective, and corrosion resistant, extruded aluminium is ideal for the manufacture of windows, both domestic and commercial. We supply a range aluminium extrusion for windows, including custom profiles for frames, and individual extruded aluminium components.


Yes, we can supply aluminium extrusion for greenhouses. Lightweight, hard-wearing, relatively cheap, and resistant to corrosion, even in hardy outdoor applications, extruded aluminium is a good choice for the manufacture of greenhouses. We can supply aluminium extrusion for greenhouses in sub-assembly form, or as customer-ready kits.


Yes, we supply aluminium extrusion to customers in the housing sector. Extruded aluminium is well suited to various aspects of construction and housing, including a vast array of indoor and outdoor applications. Its relatively low cost, high strength, corrosion resistance and receptiveness to various finishing treatments makes aluminium extrusion a versatile choice for both visible and concealed uses in the housing sector.

To find out more about the kinds of aluminium extrusion profiles and components we deliver to customers in the housing sector, contact our team.


“Can you deliver aluminium extrusion near me and/or my customers?” is a pretty common query. Edmo’s primary facility is based in Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire. We’ve always been able to deliver aluminium extrusion to customers across the UK, and it’s quicker, cheaper and easier than ever since we opened our subsidiary branch in Wednesbury in the West Midlands.

While we’re proud of the local communities around our two UK sites, we’re by no means limited to being a regional supplier. Our busy logistics department ensures that we’re able to deliver aluminium extrusion near you and your customers, wherever you and they are in mainland UK.


No, aluminium coil isn’t something we supply. We do, however, supply our customers with extruded aluminium in a variety of profiles, both standard and custom. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team to check whether we stock or supply the extruded aluminium profiles you need, please contact us directly.


Not as a rule, no. We provide our customers with bespoke aluminium extrusions rather than supplying standard profiles. As such, the only standard profiles we keep in stock are those required by our existing customers on an ongoing basis. If you need a one-off profile or small batch of standard extrusions as part of a larger project, this is something we’d be able to help you with.


Yes, if they’re needed. We’re often asked to give customers samples so they can make sure the dimensions are all perfect before going ahead with a bulk extrusion run - this is generally the case when we’re working with new dies.

For customers who’ve already got dies and have moved their production to Edmo, it’s not usually necessary to produce samples as the die design and dimensions are already proven.


If you request a sample, we’ll hold off the bulk extrusion run until the sample’s been created and signed off by you. You can expect the extrusion run to be pushed back by around 1-2 weeks, depending on how quickly you’re able to approve the sample and give us the go-ahead for the bulk run.


Aluminium is cost-effective, lightweight and easy to work. However, it’s also very good at conducting heat, which isn’t ideal when it’s used for things like doors and windows. It offers poor insulation in winter and little protection from heat in summer (admittedly not a huge problem here in the UK).

Thermally broken extruded aluminium profiles solve this problem. A thermally broken profile is effectively an aluminium sandwich, and contains non-conductive material that acts as a thermal ‘break’ or barrier. These thermally broken profiles can conduct up to 1,000 times less heat than aluminium alone.


Yes, we can supply you with thermally broken extruded aluminium profiles to suit your exact requirements. We deal with a lot of customers in the window and door industry, so we’ve got the expertise you need.


Yes, aluminium is infinitely recyclable and has a good scrap value.


When we say “complex profiles” will usually cost more, what does that mean? Well, “complexity” in terms of extrusions usually hinges on what’s known as the shape factor. An extruded profile’s shape factor is the amount of surface area that’s generated per unit mass of extrusion.

And the reason complex profiles cost more is that the shape factor affects the cost of tooling (creating a die) and the rate of production. Extruding a perfectly circular cross section, for example, needs the least force, whereas a more complex shape needs more.


Of course. We prefer a bit of warning - gives us chance to put the kettle on - but otherwise we operate a completely open-door policy. Seeing what we do first-hand is what convinces a lot of our customers we’re the right extrusion and fabrication experts for them - so why wouldn’t we want to show off our skills?

Make an appointment to come and tour Edmo’s facilities.


Yes, we supply aluminium angle trim in various bespoke specifications. We can deliver raw, unworked aluminium angle trim for you to fabricate elsewhere; alternatively, we also provide CNC machining services, and finishing services including powder coating, anodising and deburring.


We work with plenty of customers in the aluminium windows and doors industry. Aluminium sliding doors (doors, frames and mechanisms) are just one of the things we can assist with. If you’d like to talk more about using our services to manufacture aluminium sliding doors, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.


While we do stock a limited range of standard aluminium profiles, we specialise in bespoke aluminium extrusion. When working with repeat customers, we’re happy to stock the required aluminium profiles needed for the job long-term.

Check out our aluminium stock holding service here.


In addition to our aluminium extrusion and fabrication services, we offer a comprehensive range of metal finishing services including:

Find more information on our metal finishing services here.


Yes, aluminium is perfect for lawn edging. We manufacture our own aluminium lawn edging products but can also manufacture bespoke products as required.

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