Why do you need to advise on aluminium extrusion alloys?

It may be that you’ve done your research and feel like you’ve found the perfect aluminium extrusion alloy for your project. We appreciate our customers taking the time to consider their needs before coming to us: the more information you can give us about what you need, the quicker we can find the right solution for you.

However, we do recommend that you let our technical team advise you on aluminium extrusion alloys. With years of experience and a wealth of engineering knowledge, our team are perfectly placed to help you identify the right alloys for the job. While there’s plenty of information about aluminium extrusion alloys online, and you may think you’ve found the perfect alloy for your produce, there are often hidden factors to consider, such as alloys that aren’t widely commercially available, have extended lead times, prohibitive costs and excessive minimum order quantities.

We offer free advice on aluminium extrusion alloys, as well as all other aspects of your project, so please take advantage of our expertise!

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