If necessary, yes. Sketches will give us a rough idea of your requirements and, as such, we’ll be able to offer you estimated costs if you send us a dimensioned drawing. Final costs are subject to a more accurate brief, and we can work from a range of computer-aided design (CAD) files to give you a fixed price.

If you’re unsure of how best to send your drawings over, please contact us for advice.


Yes. Part of what makes Edmo such a popular provider of aluminium extrusion solutions is our end-to-end service. We can advise you at every stage of your project, including design and concept. Our dedicated engineering and technical department can work with you on drawings, 3D computer-aided design (CAD), and prototyping, helping you to design a product or component that fits the bill.

Find out about our design support service


We welcome visits from prospective and existing customers to our site in Ross-on-Wye. One of our knowledgeable team members will be on hand to show you our facilities, and to explain the processes we undertake during every stage of a project, from engineering design to assembly and shipping.

To arrange a visit, or make a query, please contact us.


It may be that you’ve done your research and feel like you’ve found the perfect aluminium extrusion alloy for your project. We appreciate our customers taking the time to consider their needs before coming to us: the more information you can give us about what you need, the quicker we can find the right solution for you.

However, we do recommend that you let our technical team advise you on aluminium extrusion alloys. With years of experience and a wealth of engineering knowledge, our team are perfectly placed to help you identify the right alloys for the job. While there’s plenty of information about aluminium extrusion alloys online, and you may think you’ve found the perfect alloy for your produce, there are often hidden factors to consider, such as alloys that aren’t widely commercially available, have extended lead times, prohibitive costs and excessive minimum order quantities.

We offer free advice on aluminium extrusion alloys, as well as all other aspects of your project, so please take advantage of our expertise!


Yes. Many of our customers have existing extrusion and fabrication arrangements in place before coming to us. We can work with you to examine your current operations, and identify shortcomings and areas of potential improvement, whether that’s quicker turnaround times, lower costs or enhanced quality end-products.


Yes, we do. We work with a wide network of international supply partners, and can use our industry contacts to source the best fit for your project. Our solid partnerships, extrusion expertise and buying power help us to secure competitive rates for our customers and ensure continuity of supply.

To find out more about our project sourcing abilities, contact us for a chat.


Our ability to streamline supply chains is a big part of what makes us such a popular extrusion solutions provider. Our experienced project management team can assess your current supply chain and determine where improvements can be made.

We can gain a complete understanding of your needs, and orchestrate your supply chain - involving our network of trusted supply partners - to ensure you get the best solution for your business, at a consistently competitive price.


Yes - our expert technical team can assess the quality of your current output and identity areas for improvement within the process. We can advise on the efficacy of existing processes and equipment, and help you to achieve increased throughput and reliability, and better end-product quality levels, all at competitive rates.

Contact us for more information on our project support services.


Yes. In addition to our in-house support services (which include things like CAD / prototyping and aluminium stock holding), our project support team can help you to address shortcomings in your current processes that may be costing your business money.

Our expert engineers can advise on:

  • Adapting and upgrading existing processes and equipment
  • Reducing the number of sub-standard end-products
  • Identifying the sources of problems
  • Preventing bottlenecks in production
  • Cutting costs by switching processes
  • Increasing throughput and operational reliability

Arrange a no-obligation chat with a member of our team.


Absolutely. Every member of our technical team is experienced and trained in extrusion and/or computer-aided design. We’re able to bring a wealth of CAD support to your business, using the latest techniques and technology, and the latest in best practice, to get you the results you need.

Our design expertise is available to all our customers as part of our bespoke extrusion fabrication solutions, so whenever you need advice on all things CAD and extrusions, all you need to do is ask.


At Edmo, we believe in an individual approach to our customers. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for any of the services we offer, or the challenges we face, so our aluminium project support services are tailored to what you need at the time.

Some of our most popular aluminium project support services include:

  • Design and engineering support: before, during and after a project
  • 3D computer aided design (CAD) support: helping you iron out issues in virtual space
  • Prototyping (design and manufacturing): creating a component piece before production
  • Snag finding - identifying and solving problems with your new product or component
  • Component management: identifying, sourcing and machining the right components for you
  • Global sourcing: working with our global network of suppliers to complete your project
  • Aluminium stock holding: sourcing, stocking and managing your aluminium sheets and supplies

Find out more about the aluminium project support services we offer.

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