Edmo receives an influx of business from the lighting industry

While the winter days may be getting darker, the last few months have seen Edmo lighting the way in one particular industry.

Over the last few months, we’ve received an influx of enquiries from brands in the commercial and domestic lighting sectors. Our bespoke aluminium extrusion profiles and components have been used in a huge range of applications – from street lights to stage lights.

Here are just a few of the lighting niches we’ve worked with over the last quarter:

Architectural Lighting Solutions

We’ve been supplying a range of aluminium extrusion profiles to a number of leading UK names in the architectural lighting industry. Our profiles and components are used in a huge range of applications, from internal domestic use to outdoor lighting systems in public spaces.

Our aluminium extrusion profiles are versatile enough be used in anything from street lamps to LED lighting strips.

Healthcare lighting

One of the lighting brands we supply aluminium extrusion profiles to is a prominent name in the healthcare lighting industry. This niche lighting application involves creating dynamic lighting systems for hospitals, clinics and residential centres, with increased focus on how artificial light can improve the wellbeing and mood of people by mimicking natural light.

Bespoke lighting solutions

A number of our customers in the lighting industry need bespoke aluminium extrusion profiles to be incorporated into their recessed, wall mounted, suspended and track lighting systems. We work closely with our customers to create bespoke extruded profiles and components to fit their exact requirements.

Stage lighting

Another area we’ve been supplying aluminium extrusion profiles to is the stage lighting industry. Brands serving this demanding commercial sector have commissioned a range of extruded aluminium components from us, including parts for projection applications and stage lights.

Aluminium extrusion profiles for lighting applications

Our custom aluminium extrusion profiles and components can be used in an infinite number of applications specific to the lighting industry.

Extruded aluminium is a versatile, easily workable and cost effective material that’s ideally suited to a range of functions. For example, we provide various extruded aluminium channels for LED strip lighting, micro recessed extrusions for recessed light fixtures, and heat sinks, used to absorb and disperse excess heat from lights.

Our aluminium extrusion profiles can now be found in:

  • Public spaces: restaurants, offices, schools, hotels and shops
  • External environments: outdoor sports facilities, stadiums, streetlights, roads, car parks and footpaths
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Public transport: vehicles, sign boxes and stations
  • Private residences

A bright future

As more organisations make the switch to energy-saving LED lighting, we’re hopeful that the increase in enquiries we’ve seen from manufacturers and suppliers in the industry will continue.

Our design and technical team is always on hand to discuss customers’ unique requirements, and our bespoke aluminium extrusion profiles and components can be completely tailored to even the most complex or unusual projects.

If you’d like to talk to us about custom aluminium extrusion profiles for your lighting application, please get in touch.


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