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If there’s one thing you can say for Edmo, it’s that we’re determined.

When we know our end-to-end solutions are going to make your life a lot easier, we’ll do our best to convince you. And do you know what else? We love it when we’re right.

We’d had a particular company in our sights for over a year. A leading name in the safety solutions industry, this company was making heavy work of something that should’ve been a lot easier: sourcing fabricated aluminium extrusions.

When we first encountered them, the company was:

  • Buying aluminium bar length from a competitor of ours
  • Using local fabricators to process the metal
  • Sending the material to a welding company in order to make panels

The extruded aluminium was being transported from the supplier to this company, then to the fabricator, back to the company, off to the welder, and finally back to the company for completion.

A logistics nightmare, and an expensive, time-consuming one at that.

Edmo’s end-to-end solution

We reached out to the company, explaining the benefits of our turnkey extrusion solutions to the manager in charge of ordering materials.

Happily, this is the kind of company that appreciates savings in time, effort and money (our favourite kind of company) so we’re now working with them to deliver a far more streamlined solution.

Extruded aluminium is being produced by our expert partners in China, before being shipped here to Edmo.

With our in-house capabilities, we’re able to:

  • Fabricate the extruded aluminium
  • Machine the aluminium bar length
  • Weld the profiles together
  • Produce initial sample inspection reports
  • Undertake full quality control checks

The results…

Now, instead of being shipped to various locations – with every stop on the journey painstakingly coordinated by our customer – the fabricated aluminium extrusions are sent directly to us.

They undergo every necessary process, all project managed by our team, and are transported to our customer when complete. Nice and simple.

Just as we promised (not that we’re bragging…) our customer is extremely happy with the service they’re receiving from Edmo.

We’ve reduced their supply chain, cut out the middle men profit centres and transport costs, and provided them with a top quality bespoke extrusion on a consistently quick turnaround.

What the client had to say

James, the manufacturing manager at our client company, commented on the service we deliver:

“When Edmo approached us to propose working together, we immediately got a good impression. This is a really sound company offering us the product we need at a good price.

“We’re very happy with the service we’ve received – everything’s been spot on. There are great quality systems in place, we get a fantastic product, and any issues get rectified immediately.

“The service I get from Richard – our designated contact – is very good. He’s got excellent communication skills, and he’s a really nice gentleman.”

Need extruded aluminium falsework or panels?

The reason we share case studies and stories here on the blog is to give our potential customers an idea of the kind of results we could achieve for them.

For this customer, we’re supplying:

If you’re in a similar situation and you’re fed up of outsourcing to multiple parties, managing the project and dealing with the inflated costs, talk to us.

We can streamline your supply chain, and manage your project so you can concentrate on what you do best: running your business.


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