Power savings for our fabrication plant

Investment in fabrication plant

Edmo are proud to announce the successful investment and commissioning of a 130kW PV installation at its headquarters in Ross-on-Wye.

The panels have been installed on the roof of our main fabrication plant as the orientation is perfect for the capture of maximum light.

At this time, the installation is generating sufficient power to run the fabrication activities at the plant and the surplus energy generated is being fed back to the grid.

Our 6 day operation requires in excess of 200,000 units of electricy per annum at an annual cost of £28,000. By installing the Solar PV it provided

  • 25% ROI
  • System payback in 3.9 years
  • £14,000 saving in the first year
  • A saving of 27 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year
  • Electricity is generated at 2.87p per unit including O&M compared to 15.7p per unity from the grid – a 79% saving

Another investment in the future of the plant and a positive in these difficult global times. #energy #solarenergy


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