Servitization: what you need to know about Edmo and manufacturing’s new best practice (Part 2)

So in our last article on servitization, we looked at what it is, compared it to a product-centric approach, and outlined why it’s a methodology we’ve always embraced.

In this blog, we’re delving into the benefits our service-centric approach brings to our customers, and taking a look at what the future might hold for the increasing servitization of the manufacturing industry.

How our service-centric methods benefit your business

Reduce and stabilise your supply chain

“Complete solutions” is one hell of a buzz-phrase but it really does apply here (and it sounds less Del Boy than “one-stop shop”).

Rather than just supplying our customers with the components they need for their end product, and waving them off into the sunset, we offer more.

We deliver the components and the services needed to transform them into any of the following:

  • A completely finished end product
  • A sub-assembly
  • A complete or part kit

By finding a way to dovetail our services with your operations, and the operations of any suppliers you already work with, we can reduce and stabilise your supply chain.

More long-term business for us, less expense and stress for you.

Enable your growth

Our “customer before product” ethos gives us more flexibility than a lot of aluminium extrusion suppliers.

We work with our customers to find the weak points in their business, and strengthen those areas using our in-house and remote resources.

From engineering and design consulting to fabrication, finishing, assembly and storage, our capabilities bridge often quite significant gaps in our customers’ knowledge and facilities.

Since collaborating with Edmo, many of our customers have gradually closed their own manufacturing, storage, design or shipping facilities, choosing instead to view Edmo as an extension of their business, and to invest further in their core activities.

As our customers grow, we expand with them, giving them scope for ambitious new plans without the prohibitive expense or risk.

Facilitate economies of scale and scope

Building on that last point, our service-based methodology helps our customers achieve economies of both scale and scope.

We link our customers with a global network of trusted supply partners, and our commercial standing in the industry gives them access to competitive prices they’d be unlikely to attract alone.

Even our smallest customers get an enviable deal, leap-frogging them over many of the challenges small businesses face, and freeing up capital for other investments.

Similarly, our commitment to growing alongside our long-term customers facilitates economies of scope.

Piggy-backing off our continuing investment in people, equipment and procedures, our customers can diversify their offerings in a far more ambitious way than they could without our support.

And with decades of expertise under our belts (we don’t mind sounding old when it suits), we’re well placed to advise on the pros and cons of the commercial opportunities they’re exploring.

Where next?

As we move through Industry 4.0 and, arguably, into Industry 5.0, we expect to see manufacturing and industrial businesses (ourselves included) move further along the servitization continuum.

Operational focus will shift from products to processes. Interactions between consumers and businesses will prioritise relationship over transaction. Collaboration and integration will pave the way for businesses to offer their customers more, standing out from the crowd at a time when cost differentials are being increasingly eroded.

Edmo is ahead of the curve. That’s not an accident – we’ve planned and worked hard to be here, so we can help your business thrive in the age of servitization.

Find out how servitization – and working with Edmo – could benefit your business.


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