7 reasons why we’ll be at the Southern Manufacturing Show for the 5th year in a row

On 6th February, some of the team from Edmo will be heading down to the Southern Manufacturing Show in Farnborough.

2018 will mark the fifth year that we’ve attended the expo – the UK’s LARGEST regional manufacturing technology, electronics and subcontracting exhibition – and we’ve got plenty of good reasons to be there once again.

1. Finding customers

Obviously. We’re not into doing a hard sell, but we’d be lying if we said the Southern Manufacturing Show wasn’t a great opportunity to meet potential new customers. As the UK’s biggest expo of its kind, Southern Manufacturing 2018 is set to attract thousands of visitors over the course of three days – it’s likely that some of them might need aluminium extrusion, fabrication and finishing services, right?

2. Finding suppliers and subcontractors

One of the things that makes Edmo so popular with customers is our ability to offer end-to-end solutions. We work with a global network of the best suppliers and partners to deliver complete products to the people who come to us. The Southern Manufacturing Show attracts B2B brands with something to shout about, and with over 600 exhibitors expected at Southern Manufacturing 2018, we’re looking forward to getting to know some folks.

3. Discovering new technologies

Where there are interesting people, there are fascinating new gadgets. And we’re not going to lie – we’re like kids in a B2B sweet-shop at the Southern Manufacturing Show. Every brand there is aiming to impress, so you know they’re going to bring their newest, most exciting innovations with them. We’ll be having a look round and getting up close and personal with the best new technologies.

4. Sharing technical expertise

The Southern Manufacturing Show is full of people who know their stuff. Folks who understand the amazing benefits you’re telling them about when you mention the new dual-probed, auto-adjusting, hydro-pneumatic dingle-hopper you just invested in. Customers are great, but it’s sometimes disappointing when you get a blank stare instead of an amazed gasp. Folks at this show know their stuff.

5. Getting quick answers

Most of the time we’re at expos, we stick around our stand, chatting to people and generally representing the Edmo brand as beautifully as possible. But when we get chance to go off and explore – even just briefly – it’s a brilliant opportunity to ask in-depth questions and get quick, expert answers.

Same for visitors to our stand: bring a sketch, an idea, a technical drawing or a model with you, and we’ll answer any questions you’ve got about designing, engineering, or manufacturing it.

6. Showing off our goods

As well as our technical sales team (reported* to be the best-looking and most talented team at Edmo) we’ll be bringing a range of extruded, fabricated and finished components with us for visitors to our stand to take a look at.

Last year, we brought a 3D printer with us to showcase our CAD and prototyping, and Design Support services. But, after at least 50 queries about whether we were 3D printer salesmen, we won’t be making that mistake again. Sorry.

*by the sales team

7. Getting out of the office

Who doesn’t like a day-trip? Or even a three-day-trip? Five of us from Edmo will be down in Farnborough at Southern Manufacturing 2018, and it’s the fifth year in a row that we’ve visited the expo. We’re looking forward to seeing the new, purpose-built facility at FIVE this year, particularly after the weather and last year’s marquee made for an interesting mix…

We’ll be on Stand J170 and there’ll be:

  • Andrew, our managing director
  • Darren, sales and marketing
  • Jim, Nev and Richard, from our technical sales team

If you’d like to make an appointment in advance, or there’s something in particular you’d like to chat with us about, feel free to drop us an email at darren@edmolimited.co.uk or call us on 01989 768 307.

Will you be at Southern Manufacturing 2018? Come and introduce yourself to us at Stand J170.


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