Yes, we can – this may involve a cutting fee. The best way to find out what’s involved in splitting your particular order is to contact us directly – we’ll do our best to find a quick and cost-effective solution for you.

Yes – we can supply you with a range of cut to length aluminium extrusions, including a wide variety of profiles including bars and tubes.

Depending on order volume and frequency, we can arrange to supply you (or your customers) with aluminium bar cut to length in advance, or we can carry out custom machining on aluminium bars per your requirements at the time.

Once your aluminium bar is cut to length, we can undertake a range of machining and finishing services to meet your project requirements. To find out more, browse our range of aluminium fabrication services.

Our customer for this project is a global leader in remote working and conference communication technologies. They set up collaborative work environments for major brands, enabling staff at these companies to link up in real time with colleagues and clients across the world.

We were tasked with helping to design and create an attractive framework to surround our customer’s state-of-the-art technology. They’d already had one surround profile created, but it was angular, unappealing, and hardly the best advert for their slick conferencing set-ups.

The initial design suggested by our customer wasn’t extrudable, so we worked with them to design and prototype a profile that would work. Once the extensive testing stages were out of the way, we delivered a turnkey extrusion solution to the customer, supplying and machining the extruded profiles, and providing a bespoke powder coating finish.

The detailed version

When this customer got in touch with us via our website, it was with a simple enough request: to create a prototype for an attractive, extruded aluminium surround for their remote conferencing technology.

But, once we’d spoken with the customer in more detail, it was clear there was a lot more we could do to make their project a success.

During the prototyping stages, it became obvious that the design the customer was looking for wasn’t going to be easily extrudable. Given that the customer’s ultimate goal was to secure 2% of the global market for their industry, our challenge was to help them design a profile that was relatively cheap to manufacture but visually appealing enough to communicate the brand’s value.

Our design support team worked with the customer to achieve a design that was extrudable, offering additional assistance with the required corner mouldings and aluminium bending. The result was a perfected prototype that could be put into production.

During a tour of our facilities, the customer was impressed by our dedicated aluminium powder coating centre, where we’re able to offer 200 stock finishes, as well as a range of bespoke colours - ideal for matching to our customers’ exact specifications.

The outcome

We’re continuing to work with this customer. The design is complete and finalised, and the product has been put to market. Sales are starting to increase, and the customer’s on their way to securing a large market share, which will mean tens of thousands of units needed.

Our initial design support has enabled the customer to make significant savings on expensive aluminium tooling costs, and has created a product that is both functional and aesthetically on point.

One of the things that makes Edmo such a popular aluminium extrusion supplier is our ability to act as a ‘one stop shop’. We’re able to supply pre-anodised or powder coated extruded aluminium profiles, saving you the time, effort and expense of shopping around. We can deliver CTL aluminium extrusion to your exact requirements, ready and finished to your specifications, leaving you to get on with the rest of the manufacturing process.

Yes, thanks to our wide range of machining capabilities here at Edmo, we’re able to supply cut to length aluminium extrusion with any slots, pockets or holes worked in as required. We have a variety of milling, drilling and punching facilities, so we’ll discuss which approach is the most appropriate for your project before going ahead.

Find out more about our aluminium extrusion fabrication services.

Manufacturers across all industries are under constant pressure to get products out to market as quickly and cheaply as possible, keeping up with customer demand and staying ahead of competitors. Many manufacturers don’t have the time or space to source and store material ready for processing, which is where our aluminium extrusion cut to length (CTL) service comes in. We can supply you with cut to length extruded aluminium in a huge variety of lengths, profiles and tolerances, saving you time and space, and leaving you free to get on with your day-to-day operations. And with our extensive machining and finishing capabilities, we can deliver pre-treated and pre-worked profiles to you, whether that’s anodising aluminium profiles with holes, powder-coated t-slot rails or something else entirely.

Yes, we supply a range of extruded aluminium cut to length (CTL) on single and repeat basis. We have in-house cut to length capabilities, and can also source pre-cut aluminium extrusion depending on your specific requirements.

Our cut to length aluminium extrusions can be delivered direct to you for installation and further fabrication; alternatively, you can take advantage of our huge range of extrusion fabrication services for a more complete result. Our aluminium cut to length can also be anodised and powder coated before being delivered to you.

Find out more about our extruded aluminium cut to length (CTL) service.

Yes, we have a range of aluminium extrusion cutting machines here at Edmo and can supply cut to length aluminium extrusions (CTL) in a range of lengths suited to most applications. We stock a range of standard length profiles but most of the work we do is bespoke, which means that an aluminium extrusion cutting machine is a crucial part of our equipment. For outsize profiles, we work with a network of expert extrusion fabricators,  whose aluminium extrusion cutting machines can accommodate larger workpieces.

In addition to standard cut to length aluminium extrusions, we also offer a mitring service, where your aluminium extrusion can be cut at an angle.

Find out more about our aluminium extrusion mitring service.

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