As experts in end-to-end aluminium extrusion solutions, we can help you fulfil your cut to length requirements. We provide close tolerances on bar length in a range of profiles, up to 10 metres in length.

Our CTL aluminium extrusions

What are cut to length aluminium extrusions?

Cut to length (CTL) aluminium extrusions are exactly what the name suggests: extruded profiles of aluminium that are cut to the length you require, ready for use or further fabrication.

Our bespoke bar length

At Edmo, we specialise in custom solutions for each of our clients. Our specialist die casting capabilities mean we are able to produce bespoke extruded aluminium profiles, which can then be supplied as bar length.

Our extensive array of machinery enables us to supply you with exactly the profiles you need and the precise CTL tolerances required, anywhere up to 10 metres in length.

What are cut to length aluminium extrusions used for?

It’s hard to find an industry that doesn’t use cut to length aluminium extrusions in some form or another. Here are just some of the market sectors we supply bar length to:

  • Curtain walling
  • Building and construction
  • Coach building
  • Solar shading assembly
  • Disability aids
  • Renewable energy
  • Office and industrial lighting
  • Building and office facades
  • Gaming machine manufacture and fabrication
  • Furniture and specialist seating
  • Bath and shower accessories
  • Heating and lighting
  • Flooring
  • Doors and windows
  • Automotive
  • Office furniture
  • Sport and outdoor activities
  • Aerospace
  • Military and security

Why are CTL extrusions sometimes referred to as bar length?

You’ll sometimes hear us refer to ‘bar length’. That’s just referring to the extrusion process itself. Bar extrusion is when a block of metal (called a billet) is compressed and forced to flow through a die opening. The shape of the die opening will determine the profile of the extrusion, whether that’s an angle, a channel, or something else.

So when we say ‘bar length’, we’re talking about a cut to length section of extruded aluminium.


Bespoke profiles

Our expertise and in-house capabilities enable us to supply custom CTL profiles to suit your individual needs, varying by shape, tolerance and length up to 10 metres.

Turnkey solutions

In addition to custom die casting and bespoke cut to length extrusions, we offer a complete range of complementary services right from computer-aided design to delivery.

Cost effective

Our in-house capabilities and our partnerships with other aluminium extrusion experts helps us to deliver completely bespoke solutions at consistently competitive prices.

Design advice

Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you achieve that. With our advanced tooling capabilities, we can cater to some of the most unusual and complex requirements.
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