Charging ahead with aluminium

As EV charging continues to be in high demand as more and more people choose to power their vehicles, both privately owned and for business, electrically, it is imperative that the manufacturing industry continue to invest in the infrastructure to support this change.

At EDMO, we supply high quality, machine engineered extrusions to manufacturers providing a valuable quality component to complete the charging unit assembly. The aluminium column can be made to order with the option of bespoke colours for the powder coated finish. Our heritage in aluminium manufacturing means that we have the expertise and industry experience to deliver the best quality across a number of different applications.

The fully fabricated extrusion is then distributed to our customers. They can offer EV charging options across a number of different environments that require a variety of unit sizes. This includes a home charging unit that is wall mounted often on a smaller scale if space is compromised to larger scale commercial units for corporate and fleet charging – both suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Darren Henry from Edmo comments;
“Over 320,000 electric cars were sold in the UK in 2021, a 77% increase compared to the previous year. This has resulted in the massive demand for EV charging. At EDMO, we are committed to producing the much needed high quality aluminium extrusions as part of the
manufacturing process of the charging units to supply businesses globally.” To place your order or to find out more, phone 01989 768307 or e-mail


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