Yes, aluminium is perfect for lawn edging. We manufacture our own aluminium lawn edging products but can also manufacture bespoke products as required.

In addition to our aluminium extrusion and fabrication services, we offer a comprehensive range of metal finishing services including:

Find more information on our metal finishing services here.

While we do stock a limited range of standard aluminium profiles, we specialise in bespoke aluminium extrusion. When working with repeat customers, we’re happy to stock the required aluminium profiles needed for the job long-term.

Check out our aluminium stock holding service here.

We work with plenty of customers in the aluminium windows and doors industry. Aluminium sliding doors (doors, frames and mechanisms) are just one of the things we can assist with. If you’d like to talk more about using our services to manufacture aluminium sliding doors, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.

Yes, we supply aluminium angle trim in various bespoke specifications. We can deliver raw, unworked aluminium angle trim for you to fabricate elsewhere; alternatively, we also provide CNC machining services, and finishing services including powder coating, anodising and deburring.

Of course. We prefer a bit of warning – gives us chance to put the kettle on – but otherwise we operate a completely open-door policy. Seeing what we do first-hand is what convinces a lot of our customers we’re the right extrusion and fabrication experts for them – so why wouldn’t we want to show off our skills?

Make an appointment to come and tour Edmo’s facilities.

When we say “complex profiles” will usually cost more, what does that mean? Well, “complexity” in terms of extrusions usually hinges on what’s known as the shape factor. An extruded profile’s shape factor is the amount of surface area that’s generated per unit mass of extrusion.

And the reason complex profiles cost more is that the shape factor affects the cost of tooling (creating a die) and the rate of production. Extruding a perfectly circular cross section, for example, needs the least force, whereas a more complex shape needs more.

Yes, aluminium is infinitely recyclable and has a good scrap value.

Yes, we can supply you with thermally broken extruded aluminium profiles to suit your exact requirements. We deal with a lot of customers in the window and door industry, so we’ve got the expertise you need.

Aluminium is cost-effective, lightweight and easy to work. However, it’s also very good at conducting heat, which isn’t ideal when it’s used for things like doors and windows. It offers poor insulation in winter and little protection from heat in summer (admittedly not a huge problem here in the UK).

Thermally broken extruded aluminium profiles solve this problem. A thermally broken profile is effectively an aluminium sandwich, and contains non-conductive material that acts as a thermal ‘break’ or barrier. These thermally broken profiles can conduct up to 1,000 times less heat than aluminium alone.

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