Looking to achieve a more uniform surface finish before anodising and painting your material? Our vibro deburring service can be used on anything from components to bar length.

Our vibratory finishing services

The primary purpose of vibro deburring is to get rid of any sharp burrs on your material and give a smooth, uniform finish. Our experienced team can optimise the vibration pattern, tumble media, cycle time and chemicals used depending on your individual requirements, giving you exactly the results you want.

Finishes offered by our vibro deburring department include:


Smooths away rough edges and removes burrs that occur during machining. Gives a smooth finish, and helps to prevent injury and contamination.

Pre-plating finish

Produces a flat, smooth surface finish before material is plated or coated, preventing an unsightly orange peel effect or any ‘dings’ in the metal.


Enhances the brightness of the material and certain colours after mass finishing. Burnishing is a high-intensity process that produces a brilliant lustre finish.

Surface smoothing

Uses light cutting action to improve finish, blending away defects and sharp edges. Also used to create a super smooth surface for precision components


Works to increase the shine of a component or profile's surface for decorative purposes, resulting in a smooth, bright, reflective finish.


Uses diluted acids or soaps to remove soil, grease, oil or other contaminants. Also increases the corrosion resistance of ferrous and non-ferrous parts.


Custom finishes

Our expert technical team will discuss your specific requirements with you, and tailor the vibratory finishing process to get you exactly the results you need.

Integrated service

Our vibro deburring services are just one of the many expert machining and finishing services we offer at Edmo, so you can get a complete solution in one place.

Flexible capacity

Typically, we process batches of several hundred components. However, due to our in-house capabilities, we are able to process batches of several hundred thousand.

Quality assured

Every component worked or machined at Edmo is put through our rigorous assurance process before it leaves our premises, ensuring the best results for you and your customers.
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