Yes. We work with a number of clients in the architecture and construction industries. We’re able to source, fabricate, finish and deliver aluminium cladding to exact specifications.

Aluminium cladding remains a popular choice for the building industry as it’s strong, lightweight, cost effective, low maintenance, durable and safe. If you’re in the market for aluminium cladding with competitive prices and lead times, please contact us today for a chat.

Sometimes, yes. We may be able to manufacture to BS EN 12020, but we’ll need to review your drawings before we can confirm this. In the event that we’re not able to meet BS EN 12020, we’ll do our best to find you a workable solution, with us or someone else.

Submit your drawings for review.

We manufacture to BS EN 755 standard. You can contact our team to find out what this standard will mean for your project.

Absolutely. Our fabrication facility can handle free-issue profiles as well as profiles we’ve supplied via our partners. All we’ll need to get started are your fabrication drawings – if you’re unsure of whether you have suitable drawings, please contact us, and a member of our design and technical team will be happy to help.

Yes, we can – this may involve a cutting fee. The best way to find out what’s involved in splitting your particular order is to contact us directly – we’ll do our best to find a quick and cost-effective solution for you.

Possibly, but not usually. We may be able to make very small changes to the design of your aluminium extrusion for an additional fee. But, if you’re after more significant alterations, it’s more than likely that you’ll need a new die designing and creating.

No, not at all – vibro deburring is simply short for vibratory deburring. The vibro – or vibratory deburring – process involves placing machined components and profiles into a piece of equipment where they are surrounded by tumbler media and chemicals. These tumbler media – often, but not always, small polymer beads – are vibrated around the metal to buff away any sharp edges, and to achieve a particular finish. The tumbler media and chemicals can be altered to achieve different effects.

Find out more about our vibratory deburring services.

CNC turning services and CNC boring are effectively the same process, but applied in a different way. Both of these processes involve an aluminium component being rotated at speed around a central shaft. A single-point cutting tool is then used to shave away metal at varying depths, usually producing tubes, cylinders, or conical-shaped components.

When we talk about CNC turning services, the cutting tool is situated on the outside of the component. CNC boring involves this same tool being used to hollow out a space inside the component. So, in short: turning shapes the outside of the component, boring creates a cavity within it.

As fabrication services go, metal hole punching is extremely cost effective, particularly on long batch runs. It’s fast – far quicker than drilling – and can be run entirely automatically without need for a break, which means that punching volumes can be extremely high.

At the start of a project, there may be some financial outlay – for example, for bespoke punching dies for complex combinations of holes. However, punching dies typically last for between 400,000 and 600,000 strokes, and we take good care of our equipment, so this one-off cost isn’t a big factor in the grand scheme of things.

To get a quote for metal hole punching services, contact us today.

All of the saws we have in-house at Edmo have mitring capabilities. We also have a specialist aluminium mitre saw: a Mecal twin head (also known as a double head) mitre saw. The twin head mitre saw has two cutting units – one fixed, and one movable – and allows for simple, accurate and speedy mitring. It features automatic positioning, a hydro-pneumatic blade feed, and mist spray lubrication for optimum results.

Get more information on our aluminium mitring services.

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