Punching is a quick and cost effective way to create holes of varying diameters in aluminium substrate. Our bespoke tooling capabilities help us offer affordable custom solutions.

Our punching service

What is punching?

Punching is a machining service that is used to create holes or indentations in aluminium profiles. Profiles are placed in a power press and moved along X and Y axes according to the data entered, positioning them under the machine’s punching ram, which then punches out a hole or indented form.

We can punch simple shapes such as circles and squares. We can also use bespoke tooling, and/or a combination of single hits and overlapping geometries, to create unique shapes or configurations.

What is punching used for?

Fast, repeatable and cheaper than drilling, punching is widely used across a diverse array of industries. Some typical applications include:

  • Events staging

  • Commercial vehicle accessories
  • Stairlifts

  • Marquees

  • Temporary roadways

  • Steps and stairnosing


Bespoke service

We design, manufacture and source custom tooling to ensure the punching process is as accurate, effective and repeatable as possible, even on complex applications.

Versatile capabilities

The processing range for most power presses is from 0.5mm to 6.0mm thick. At Edmo, we have a wide range of punching presses ranging with capabilities from 6mt to 75mt.

Cost effective

Fast, accurate and highly repeatable, aluminium punching is a cost effective process that forms just one of the machining services we offer as part of our complete solutions.

Integrated solutions

Punching is just one of our many machining and finishing services. We can take you from design to delivery in one integrated process: lower prices, less hassle.
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