Looking to bend aluminium tubing? CNC bending is just one of the many fabrication services we offer. We use a wide range of techniques and methodologies to get you the best results, whatever your project involves.

Our CNC bending services

What is CNC bending?

CNC bending involves extruded aluminium profiles being placed into a machine that uses numerical data to determine how it should be bent. The results are fast, and extremely precise.

We offer a range of CNC bending services: tube bending, roller bending, stretch forming, and flow forming.

Tube bending is primarily for tube or pipe profiles, and allows them to be bent without being deformed. Roller bending is used to bend sheet metal and bars.

Stretch forming is a process in which sheet metal is simultaneously stretched and bent over a die, to form a contoured piece of metal. In flow forming, metal is clamped against a rotating mandrel and stretched by rollers to create a cylindrical or ogival workpiece.

What is CNC bending used for?

CNC bending services are widely used in manufacturing. Some of the typical applications we supply CNC bending services for include:

  • Grab rails
  • Stairlifts
  • Marquee profiles
  • Curtain tracks
  • Canopies
  • Patient handling overhead tracks (for hospital or domestic use)
  • Pitch-side sports dugouts

CNC bending benefits

Flexible service

We can supply a wide range of CNC bending and forming services, tailoring our approach to your individual needs, and sourcing the best solution for your business.

Bespoke specifications

We do our best to accommodate bespoke CNC bending requirements, catering to outsize profiles and purchasing custom tooling from manufacturers where necessary.

Cost effective

Fast, accurate and highly repeatable, CNC bending is a cost effective process that forms just one of the machining services we offer as part of our turnkey extrusion solutions.

Design expertise

Our design and technical teams will assess your project and advise on the right approach, working together with our machining staff to promote innovative solutions
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