Our CNC milling services meet a wide array of requirements. We can work on anything from small, intricate componentry to large extruded profiles for fast, accurate and affordable results.

Our aluminium milling service

What is CNC milling?

CNC milling is a method of machining metal using a software programme. Like drilling, milling uses a rotating cutting tool, whose speed and pattern of movement is determined by data entered into the machine.

However, unlike a drill, the cutter on a milling machine is able to move along a number of axes, creating a range of shapes, slots and holes. The work-piece can also be moved across the machine in a number of different ways, allowing for very versatile results.

What is CNC milling used for?

CNC milling and drilling services are used across a wide array of applications in any number of industries. Some of the typical applications we supply CNC milling and drilling services for include:

  • Interior modules and furniture for public transport
  • Accessibility equipment
  • Temporary roadways


Flexible service

From single prototypes to batches of thousands, simple profiles and complex componentry, our CNC milling service can accommodate most commercial requirements.

Intricate tooling

Our advanced CNC milling technology allows us to machine a huge variety of intricate shapes. We can also source special tooling for bespoke and complex applications.

Cost effective

Fast, accurate and highly repeatable, CNC milling is a cost effective process that forms just one of the machining services we offer as part of our complete solutions.

Design advice

Using CAD, our team can take you from right from the concept stage to a finished product, making sure you’ve considered everything you need for its intended application.
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