Our conventional and CNC aluminium drilling services combine state of the art equipment, unrivalled engineering expertise, and an innovative approach to suit even the most complex projects.

Our aluminium drilling service

What is aluminium CNC drilling?

Aluminium CNC drilling is a machining method used in mass production, in which numerical data is used to drill holes of a specific diameter and depth in an aluminium profile or component.

While drilling in itself is not a time-consuming process, changing the drill bits to create holes of various diameters does slow the operation as a whole. Our automatic tool changing drill stations minimise the operation and set-up time required, helping to make the drilling process as time- and cost-effective as possible.

What is aluminium CNC drilling used for?

As a fundamental CNC machining service, drilling can play a role in fabrication for almost any application. Some of the typical applications we supply CNC drilling services for include:

  • Commercial blinds
  • Transport interiors
  • Automotive trailers
  • Access equipment
  • Office furniture
  • Industrial doors
  • Balustrades and railings

Aluminium drilling Benefits

Aluminium drilling Specialist service

We’ve invested in developing dedicated jigs and rigs for various projects. Our four-axis CNC centres and custom drill bits enable us to tackle even the most challenging jobs.

Rapid processing

Our state of the art machinery offers faster processing times than many of our competitors, while our automatic tool changing drill stations speed up the process further.

Design and machining expertise

With years of design, engineering and machining experience, our fully trained staff play a vital role in helping us come up with creative solutions to tricky operational requirements.

Cost-effective solutions

Our aim is to get you the best results at the most affordable prices. Even for the most complex componentry, we’ll work hard to find you the cheapest unit cost.
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