Aluminium Lawn Edging - The professional’s choice Looks great - Easy to install - Direct from the manufacturer - 100% recycled

Aluminium Lawn Edging

Edmo Aluminium Lawn Edging is a unique landscape edging system.

  • With clean lines and a unique dual system
  • Creates attractive curves and designs
  • Easy to handle and install
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • 100% recycled aluminium
  • Competitively priced

Why aluminium lawn edging?

Developed for domestic or professional use, it is light, strong and durable. It can create perfect straight or curved borders that can be used in conjunction with grass, gravel, resins, tarmac and block paving.

Aluminium lawn edging has excellent corrosion resistance, making it durable and long-lasting.


Forming a seamless edge with no joins or sharp edges at surface, it delivers a contemporary and smart finish.

The Edmo Lawn Edging system allows you to choose the exact location and complexity of your curves by using the movable joining fixing stakes. The unique dual system allows the installer to choose a round or square top edge by simply rotating the profile 180 degrees for the desired style.

Powder-coated colour options include Lawn Green, Autumn Brown and Midnight Black, as well as natural aluminium finish.


Made from 100% recycled aluminium this product helps you reduce your carbon footprint (recycled aluminium uses 95% less energy than prime aluminium = 97% fewer emissions).

This aluminium lawn edging system is infinitely recyclable, making it the perfect ‘green garden’ solution.


As we are the manufacturer, your order will come direct from us rather than through a distributor therefore shortening delivery times with extremely competitive pricing.

If you're interested in receiving a regular order or large order quantities please let us know.


The Edmo Lawn Edging system comes in a complete kit containing 14 x 2.4m edging strips (33.6 metres), 28 stakes and 28 connectors.

For more information and prices why not give one of our sales team a call on 01989 768307 or e-mail

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