As EV charging continues to be in high demand as more and more people choose to power their vehicles, both privately owned and for business, electrically, it is imperative that the manufacturing industry continue to invest in the infrastructure to support this change.

At EDMO, we supply high quality, machine engineered extrusions to manufacturers providing a valuable quality component to complete the charging unit assembly. The aluminium column can be made to order with the option of bespoke colours for the powder coated finish. Our heritage in aluminium manufacturing means that we have the expertise and industry experience to deliver the best quality across a number of different applications.

The fully fabricated extrusion is then distributed to our customers. They can offer EV charging options across a number of different environments that require a variety of unit sizes. This includes a home charging unit that is wall mounted often on a smaller scale if space is compromised to larger scale commercial units for corporate and fleet charging – both suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Darren Henry from Edmo comments;
“Over 320,000 electric cars were sold in the UK in 2021, a 77% increase compared to the previous year. This has resulted in the massive demand for EV charging. At EDMO, we are committed to producing the much needed high quality aluminium extrusions as part of the
manufacturing process of the charging units to supply businesses globally.” To place your order or to find out more, phone 01989 768307 or e-mail

Marquees, both permanent and semi-permanent, along with a whole variety of external structures have enjoyed a new resurgence of popularity recently.

However, when choosing to invest in an al fresco ‘room’ either for personal or commercial use, it is important to look at a quality solution that will provide both comfort and safety combined with an effective support network for the marquee canopy, gazebo or bespoke enclosure.

Extruded aluminium support poles are both hard wearing and present a durable, solution that is lightweight, easy to transport and visually appealing due to the finish of the metal.

In terms of longevity, aluminium poles will undoubtedly present a better investment to wooden or plastic alternative supports as they will last longer and be less likely to perish or corrode under weather conditions and intensive use.

Darren Henry from Edmo said
“Aluminium poles are a great solution and offer a plenitude of plus points. They are corrosion resistant, lightweight and easy to transport. In addition, the aluminium composition doesn’t compromise on quality and strength or the aesthetic appearance of the product.”

To place your order or to find out more, phone 01989 768307 or e-mail

With outdoor improvements and investment continuing to be a high priority, it’s key to make an informed choice where decking is concerned to avoid a costly mistake.

Both the aesthetic appearance and the safety features different products offer are of paramount importance in the decision-making process.

In terms of performance and long-term purpose, high grade manufactured aluminium decking offers a number of key benefits that other decking compositions fall short on,
failing to meet the mark and score highly on many basic performance indicators.

Firstly, durability, unlike timber decking, aluminium is not vulnerable to the elements or other threats such as woodworm, damp, mould and rot. With this, it also brings a welcomed low maintenance approach to aftercare alleviating the need for ongoing treatments to keep decking in good condition after the installation itself, which incidentally is a straightforward process.

A key benefit of aluminium decking relates to safety as it is proven to be non-slip and the best safety choice for balconies and garden decking for both residential and commercial areas. The superior engineering process of aluminium decking also allows the specification to be to a very fine grooved surface that facilitates drainage.

This finish provides the optimum surface to minimise hazards due to a build-up of moss and other natural elements that can change the surface of the decking material and present a threat to safety.

Practically speaking, aluminium decking far outweighs wooden decking on functionality too, it is incredibly lightweight and therefore structurally efficient with the ability to support a heavy load without compromise. For fire safety compliance, the aluminium composition also presents a safer option to timber. Darren Henry from Edmo said

“Aluminium decking presents the ideal decking choice for a variety of spaces. It is a superior material and brings with in a wealth of features and benefits for both domestic and commercial solutions.”

To place your order or to find out more, phone 01989 768307 or e-mail

Aluminium Lawn Edging

Professional contractors and home gardeners will both benefit from a new aluminium lawn edging product from Edmo.

Edmo aluminium landscape edging is easy to install and creates beautiful curved designs.

Made from 100% recycled aluminium it looks clean and contemporary and is a sustainable product.

It’s available direct from the manufacturer with easy ‘phone order and swift shipping.

Darren Henry from Edmo said, “Domestic gardeners and professional landscape contractors both require a lawn edging system that looks smart when installed but is easy to handle and bed in.

“Our purpose-built Aluminium Lawn Edging is lightweight but also long-lasting.

“It can easily be shaped by hand and it joins grass and gravelled areas, grass and resin surfaces and grass and block paving.”

Aluminium borderline edging from Edmo is available to purchase by landscape and ground maintenance contractors, DIY stores, landscape product suppliers/ distributors, construction companies, nurseries, garden centres and home users.

To place your order or to find out more, ‘phone 01989 768307 or e-mail

Investment in fabrication plant

Edmo are proud to announce the successful investment and commissioning of a 130kW PV installation at its headquarters in Ross-on-Wye.

The panels have been installed on the roof of our main fabrication plant as the orientation is perfect for the capture of maximum light.

At this time, the installation is generating sufficient power to run the fabrication activities at the plant and the surplus energy generated is being fed back to the grid.

Our 6 day operation requires in excess of 200,000 units of electricy per annum at an annual cost of £28,000. By installing the Solar PV it provided

Another investment in the future of the plant and a positive in these difficult global times. #energy #solarenergy

Approved applicator status aluminium experts

Edmo is proud to announce we have been awarded approved applicator status by AkzoNobel for the Interpon D brand of high-performance architectural powder coatings.

The accreditation was a relatively straightforward process, helped by the auditing staff at AkzoNobel, whom we look forward to growing the business between our two companies in the coming years.

The process reinforced the fact that the investment in both capital equipment and staff training over the years here at Edmo had created a plant that was a long way down the road of accreditation readiness.

The investment required to pass accreditation included an additional pre-treatment process, that complies to the brand-new regulations now in place and some measuring and calibration kit has now put the final touches on the plant here.

The stringent standard quite rightly so focuses on the supply of powder-coated parts to the exterior architectural market and the warranties that are demanded thereof.

This approved applicator status is held by only a small number of companies throughout the UK and therefore, If you have any powder coating requirements, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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