Our aluminium extrusion drilling service is just one of the many machining and finishing services we’re able to offer our customers by combining our in-house capabilities with those of our partners.

The benefits of our aluminium extrusion drilling service include:

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Our four-axis machining centres allow us to work on a wide range of profiles and components, and offer a machining envelope of 6700mm x 600mm x 300mm. We’re able to extend this up to 12,000mm via third party capabilities.

Over the years, we’ve developed a range of CNC drilling capabilities, including four-axis drilling centres. These machines give us the manoeuvrability needed to reach many different angles during one operation, not only offering better results but helping to cut down the time spent rearranging work pieces on the machine. Faster processing times, automatic tool changing drill stations, and the ability to carry out more drilling by machine (as opposed to by hand) mean that CNC drilling is becoming ever more affordable.

Yes, we supply free issue drilling services to a number of customers. In these cases, the customer supplies us with the aluminium substrate and any bespoke drilling tooling needed. We then carry out the drilling in-house before shipping the worked material to the appropriate location. On free-issue drilling projects, we’re usually able to offer a turnaround of just a few weeks.

Usually, yes. Punching is a highly repeatable process that uses one die – or one combination of dies – to punch a regular pattern of holes or slots through a high number of aluminium profiles. Drilling doesn’t usually require any bespoke tooling, but it does take longer than punching, making it more expensive. In some cases, we can work with customers to redesign profiles in order to make punching possible; however, on some projects, only drilling will do.

Yes: as well as drilling all the way through a profile, we’re able to drill to precise depths to create slots and wells. Our four-axis machining capabilities enable us to carry out a range of precision drilling processes, working on even the most intricate componentry.

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