Yes: we have a number of high performance CNC milling machines in-house at Edmo, including facilities with four-axis capability. These four-axis machines are suited to short and long batch runs, and allow us to carry out more intricate CNC milling work, creating intricate components with a range of slots, holes, and shapes to meet your requirements on components from a few millimetres to over a metre in length.

To find out more about the CNC milling machines we use, or how our service can benefit your particular project, please contact us – a member of our technical team will be happy to advise.

CNC milling and CNC drilling are, as the names suggest, both types of computer numerically-controlled machining services. Both processes use a rotating cutting bit, the speed and rotation pattern of which is determined by information entered into the computer.  However, CNC milling differs from drilling because the cutting tool on a mill is able to move along a number of axes, enabling the CNC milling machine to create a range of shapes, slots, and holes. The work piece can also be moved across the machine in a variety of ways, allowing us to achieve very versatile results. Drilling is primarily for simple holes.

Typically, we can achieve tolerances between +/- 0.2mm to +/- 0.5mm as standard. If your intended application requires tighter tolerances than these, we may still be able to help.

If you contact us and let us know what your project needs, a member of our technical team will be able to advise you on the best solution.

Our CNC milling services are available on prototyping and one-off projects, as well as small, medium and large/repeat batch runs. As with most CNC machining processes, CNC milling is most cost-effective when applied to larger volumes of products – however, that’s not to say costs are prohibitive on smaller production runs.

To find out more about our CNC milling service, contact us for free advice.

CNC milling offers a number of benefits over manual milling, including speedier operations, improved precision, and increased automation with little to no down-time needed. In addition, repeatability is a major factor when choosing CNC milling over manual milling: once the data for a particular component has been entered into the machine, the item can be created over and over again, with no need for adjustment and no room for inaccuracies to creep in.

CNC milling is just one of our machining services. Find out more about our other CNC machining services.

Yes, CNC milling is just one of the CNC machining services we offer for aluminium extrusions. We can offer manual milling if necessary; however, it’s very rare to find an instance where our CNC milling service isn’t suitable. All the profiles and components we work on are checked by hand after being machined, and before leaving our facility, so our customers get the best of both worlds: precise, fast results from CNC machining, and an expert human eye for quality control.

Find out about our other CNC machining services.

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