Yes, coordinate measuring machines are highly suited to carrying out overall quality control checks on products. As part of our comprehensive coordinate measuring service, we offer full 3D product inspections, tool certifications, CAD comparisons, reverse engineering, prototyping, 3D printing, dimensional analysis, and design assistance. We pride ourselves on offering first-rate technical design expertise to our customers, so contact us to find out how our coordinate measuring services can help improve the success of your project.

Our coordinate measuring service is designed to save you time and money. As technology advances, the need for precise components increases. Using a coordinate measuring service enables you to design and refine your component, testing it in virtual space without having to waste time and money on numerous prototypes. Our coordinate measuring services employ a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with an articulated arm, enabling us to measure large items that are hard to move, such as parts in the automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. We can measure items up to 12 feet in spherical volume in-house, and larger, using the capabilities of our trusted partners, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our coordinate measuring service allows us to record highly accurate measurements for a particular component along X, Y, and Z axes. By recording points along these axes, we’re able to construct a range of algorithms that enable us to test the item for its suitability in terms of design intent and the role it plays within a wider assembly. Using computer-aided design, we can take the data gathered during our coordinate measuring service and explore various potential adjustments to the work piece in virtual space, identifying ways to help it better suit its intended application.

Yes, we have extensive in-house coordinate measuring services at our facility in Ross-on-Wye, offered as part of our turnkey aluminium extrusion solutions. If for some reason, our coordinate measuring services aren’t suited to your project, we can work with one of our trusted partners to source a more appropriate setup.

At Edmo, we use a portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with an articulated arm, which offers us real flexibility when it comes to working on complex or outsize items. The machine itself can be moved around our facility, and its arm positioned to get a full and accurate 3D view of the component being measured. As we’re able to move the coordinate measuring machine rather than the items being measured, we’re able to cut down on the time needed for the process – particularly if we’re working with large items.

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