Not for us: we’re proud to achieve a 99% on-time delivery rate as standard. We’ve got decades of experience in global sourcing, and our logistics department can account for any delays that might occur. In the unlikely event your delivery is delayed, we’ll always let you know as soon as there’s a problem. We’ll also keep you informed as we try to catch up.

Our global sourcing service is designed to benefit companies of any size, no matter how large or small. The fact is, if your business needs aluminium extrusion, there will always be plenty of opportunities to save money, avoid unnecessary expenses, and streamline your operational flow. For small companies, it’s often our global network of supply contacts and our extensive storage facility that are the big draws: we can connect you to affordable, premium quality suppliers across the world, and store large volumes of extruded aluminium profiles and components on your behalf, helping yo to fulfil ambitious orders from even the smallest of premises.

To find out how our global sourcing service can help your small business, contact us today.

Rising labour and material costs will always be an issue. Our global sourcing service involves monitoring the global markets and identifying any significant, localised changes in materials and labour costs. We’re not reliant on anyone supplier, which means we’re able to shop around whenever an issue of this kind arises. We also offer a guaranteed fixed price to customers who place orders 12 months in advance, so if there are any sudden price fluctuations, we’ll absorb that cost rather than passing it on to your business. This gives you up to a year to plan for any long-lasting price increases.

Yes, wherever possible, we enlist the help of UK suppliers to help us fulfil our aluminium extrusion solutions. This is simply common sense: if we’re able to source something close to home, it’s good news for costs, turnaround times, and the environment. Having a global portfolio of suppliers enables us to offer comprehensive extrusion solutions, but we’ll always check what’s available here in the UK first, before comparing price and quality with alternative suppliers.

With any sourcing service, there will always be potential issues relating to product liability, product loss, damage and claims. However, we take these issues off your hands: our global sourcing service is fully and appropriately insured, and managed here in-house, so you’ll never have to deal with any problems that might arise. Our global sourcing team works with a large network of trusted partners and suppliers, all of whom have proven to be reliable over a number of years, so your goods are in safe hands with us.

Like any kind of operational cost, shipping and delivery prices can be dealt with using clever logistical management. Because our global sourcing service is so popular with customers, and because we have long-standing arrangements with suppliers across the world, we’re able to mitigate shipping and delivery costs through volume, and advanced/repeat arrangements. And because we’re able to leverage our network to alleviate freight costs, our global sourcing service is usually a far more affordable option than going direct to suppliers.

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