Laser Etching Service

What is Laser Etching?

Laser etching is a process that uses specialist, high precision laser technology to mark a wide range of materials, including almost any metal, by melting the surface of the material itself. The laser etching machine delivers a high-intensity beam of heat and energy focused on a small area to create an indelible raised mark on the material in a specific numerical pattern, code or design.

Laser etching can mark material in black, white and shades of grey. One of the most valuable characteristics of etching is that it removes the danger of contamination through the use of inks and solvents.  Laser etching is also virtually impossible to duplicate therefore removing the threat of counterfeit products and copies.

With an increased demand across a variety of industry sectors from medical, aerospace and food & beverage, laser etching is an invaluable process. At Edmo, we are now able to offer this service directly to our customers in-house for the first time. With the investment of our new laser etching machine, we can implement a specialist solution for our customers and benefit from complete control and project management as well as a faster turnaround time.

What is Laser Etching Used for?

The accuracy and indelible characteristics of laser etching married with its versatility makes it the premium choice for industries requiring a permanent marking such as data matrix codes, barcodes and serial numbers as well as logos and product branding. At Edmo we work with a wide range of industry sectors to meet their laser etching needs.

Laser Etching Technology at Edmo

Now available to our customers in-house at Edmo, our high specification laser etching machine offers our customers a versatile service that can be tailored to meet almost any brief. The precise delivery and etching process can be executed to the highest standard on almost any metal including anodized aluminium, gold, silver, platinum, lead, steel and zinc in addition to glass, ceramics, gemstones and polymers.  The process produces indelible marks in black when the laser energy is absorbed and white when the beams are reflected in addition to a wide range of different shades of grey.

Our approach

At Edmo, we partner with our customers to find the optimum business solution for their individual business needs. From the initial brief and during the process, we offer full project management to ensure that design, functionality, cost, supply logistics and delivery are implemented to fully meet the needs and expectations of our customers at every step of the manufacturing process to deliver a complete and specialist solution.

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