Our aluminium component assembly facility fits seamlessly with our extrusion and fabrication services to offer customers a complete solution. The benefits of our aluminium component assembly are numerous:

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As a renowned provider of beautiful and durable public seating solutions, this customer needed a wide range of extrusion, fabrication and finishing services. When we first got in touch with them, they were working with a whole host of suppliers, each delivering one aspect of the manufacturing process.

Since then, when we acted as a simple bar length supplier, we’ve expanded our partnership with this customer and now fulfil all their extrusion design, fabrication, finishing, assembly and logistics requirements.

As we project manage the entire process, the customer only has to deal with one point of contact. We’re able to provide an integrated service, with full control of project deadlines. And, because we work with a global network of suppliers, we’re able to offer consistently competitive prices and lead times, and reduce our customer’s inventory with no risk to product supply.

The detailed version

Initially, the customer took us on as a supplier of extruded aluminium bar length. But, as they continued to work with us - and their numerous other suppliers - they began to realise that our integrated range of extrusion fabrication and finishing services could be a more effective solution for their business.

Over the course of several years of collaboration, we’ve gradually taken ownership of all aspects of this customer’s projects, working with them on the design and prototyping of products to enhance their quality and functionality, taking over project and component management, providing them with a full assembly service, and holding and delivering their stock, which has reduced their inventory while maintaining a healthy flow to market.

Our stringent quality control service, and our ability to ship products anywhere in the world - complete with relevant informational inserts and branded packaging - has taken a huge task off the customer’s shoulders.

The outcome

We’ve been providing this customer with a fully managed service for some time, now, and it’s been a hugely successful collaboration.

Every aspect of their extrusion work is handled here at Edmo, resulting in an integrated approach to design, manufacture, stocking and supply that saves time, energy and money. And because we’re involved at every step, we’ve got to know what our customer needs, enabling us to foresee potential challenges, and even prevent them from occurring.

A relatively new face on the affordable hotel scene, this customer came to Edmo with a simple plan: to create a modular pod set-up for their rooms, allowing the spaces to be fitted out affordably within a matter of hours.

The project had already hit considerable problems with a previous supplier, resulting in a product that was unfit for purpose. So when the customer came to us looking for extruded profiles that had been machined and powder coated, we were able to offer much more. Our design team worked to create a functioning product, working through tolerancing issues and developing a range of bespoke, cost-saving casts and fixings.

We powder coated the components, and brought the whole collection of parts together in a customer-ready assembly kit.

The detailed version

The customer in this project came to Edmo with a host of good ideas and bad experiences. Their plan was to bring a new level of cost-effectiveness to the hotel fit-out process by creating a modular pod for their rooms, reducing the time needed for a fit-out from a number of days to a matter of hours. The pods would house the bed, electrical services, and the shower room facilities, transforming an empty space into a neat, comfortable, ready-to-rent hotel room.

The customer had previously worked with another extrusion supplier, with very poor results. The ‘completed’ product didn’t fit together: dimensions and tolerances for mating parts didn’t add up, and the machining requirements were incorrect. Despite the considerable investment, the customer decided to write off this disastrous first attempt and start again.

We were initially tasked with providing extrusion, machining and powder coating services. But, on hearing of the problems the customer had encountered, our design team worked to create a functioning product, working through the tolerancing issues and developing a range of bespoke casts and fixings, resulting in a saving of over £100k for the customer.

We applied a specialist anti-graffiti and anti-bacterial powder coating to the pod, and brought the whole collection of parts together in a customer-ready assembly kit.

The outcome

This is a project that’s full of potential. Because the pod we created for the customer is modular, there’s room for adaptation in future. The customer in this project has just been bought out by a much larger chain, which means that the extruded framework is ready to roll out across thousands of hotels.

Our competitive prices and turnkey solutions have stood us in good stead with this customer, and we look forward to working with them again in future.

Part of the turnkey aluminium extrusion solution we offer our customers is assembly. We can assemble your extruded aluminium components with a range of ancillary items, including castings, plastic mouldings, glass and electrical components, and gaskets. You are free to supply these to our assembly department as required; alternatively, we can source additional materials and products on your behalf from our network of supply partners. We can often negotiate lower costs on our customers’ behalf, so it’s always worth letting us know which additional components you need.

Yes, our assembly service can include putting together aluminium extrusion kits for our customers and their customers. Depending on what your aluminium extrusion kits need to contain, we’ll do our best to source and/or fabricate all the necessary components. We can then prepare your kit for delivery, down to branded packaging and direct delivery.

Yes, we can supply aluminium extrusion fittings as well as any number of other accessories needed to ready your product for market. Our extrusion fabrication department is home to a range of tooling and machining capabilities, enabling us to create bespoke components for our customers. These components can be supplied to our assembly facility, where complete products, sub-assemblies and kits are put together. Alternatively, we can source aluminium extrusion fittings from elsewhere before bringing them in-house for assembly.

If you need aluminium extrusion fittings, please let us know the details, and we’ll advise you on the best course of action for your particular project.

Yes. As part of our assembly service, we can supply you with a range of aluminium extrusion fasteners suited to the particular application of your product. We may also be able to assemble your product using aluminium extrusion fasteners provided by you, although we do advise you to take advantage of our long-term relationships with component suppliers, which mean we’re often able to source items like aluminium extrusion fasteners more cheaply.

As well as assembling pre-made components, we can fabricate a range of extruded aluminium components here at Edmo, using our diverse machining and tooling capabilities. We create bespoke components according to customer specification, so tell us what you need and we’ll tell you what we think the best solution is.

Yes, we can supply you with a diverse array of aluminium extrusion connectors and other additional parts for your product as part of our assembly service. Alternatively, we can assemble your products with aluminium extrusion connectors provided by you. Our advice is that you let us know if any additional items are needed for the assembly of your product; our global network of suppliers means we can usually source accessories and components at an affordable price.

In addition to assembling pre-made components, we can also supply you with extruded aluminium components fabricated here at Edmo. We have a wide range of machining and tooling capabilities and can create components that are tailored to your individual specifications, so let us know what you need and we’ll come up with the best solution for you.

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Yes, we can supply a range of additional accessories for your product as part of our ongoing assembly service, including aluminium extrusion end caps. Alternatively, we can assemble your products with aluminium extrusion end caps sourced by you. We do advise you to let us know of any additional items needed for the assembly of your product – we have a large network of suppliers and can usually source items at a more cost effective rate.

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