Yes, we have a range of computer numerical control (CNC) machines that we use to work on extruded aluminium components and profiles, including 3-axis machines and 4-axis machines. Our diverse range of equipment allows us to work on a range of shapes and surfaces, and carry out a wide variety of tooling processes, including some intricate techniques. Our 4-axis machining centres are built for this kind of precision work, functioning on a higher competency than our standard 3-axis machines.

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Our range of CNC machining services for extruded aluminium profiles and components allows us to achieve extremely precise results for our customers. Using computer-aided design and our four-axis machining centres, we’re able to carry out the kind of intricate machining that wouldn’t be possible by hand. However, attention to detail is hugely important to us here at Edmo, which is why our staff are trained to work and inspect aluminium extrusion by hand. Every profile and component that leaves our premises is thoroughly inspected throughout its various machining and finishing processes, and again before it’s shipped, to ensure the best possible quality.


CNC machining processes are constantly improving, which means we’re able to achieve more precise results than ever before. Four-axis CNC machining centres can achieve tolerances of up to 0.1mm, although the specific tolerances we’ll be able to meet on your project will depend on the workpiece and the machining required.

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It really does depend on your project. The turnaround time on our CNC machining services will depend on factors including the size of the batch, the intricacy of the machining needed, and whether or not other services (such as anodising, powder coating, vibro deburring etc.) are also required. We offer a completely bespoke service to our customers, so if turnaround times are a big factor in your project, talk to us and a member of our technical team will be able to give you an accurate time quote.

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CNC machining works by taking information entered into a computer and converting the data into electrical signals. These signals are transmitted to the motors within the CNC machining centre, and control the various mechanisms contained within it. The components of a CNC machining centre are able to move in extremely small increments, enabling the tools to carry out very intricate processes on the work piece - far more delicately than would be possible by hand.


CNC stands for ‘Computer numeric control’. What that means is that, instead of a particular machine being manually controlled, it’s controlled by numeric data entered into a specialist computer.

CNC machined aluminium is simply aluminium that’s been machined on a piece of equipment of this type. We have a variety of cost-effective and precise aluminium CNC machining services, including bending, drilling, milling and turning.

CNC machined aluminium is very well suited to a huge range of applications due to the properties of the material and the ease with which it can be fabricated.


Absolutely. Our fabrication facility can handle free-issue profiles as well as profiles we’ve supplied via our partners. All we’ll need to get started are your fabrication drawings - if you’re unsure of whether you have suitable drawings, please contact us, and a member of our design and technical team will be happy to help.

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