Yes, our aluminium extrusion bending machines are just some of the numerous computer numerical control (CNC) machining centres we have at our fabrication facility. We have the technical expertise to advise you on the appropriate form of extrusion bending for your particular profile.


Yes, we offer in-house mandrel bending services, and work closely with our network of extrusion fabrication partners to delivery other specialist bending services, including ring bending. Find out more information about our aluminium extrusion bending services here.


Yes. Low-quality aluminium extrusion can sometimes undergo CNC tube bending without an issue, but it’s important to remember that cheaper extruded aluminium is less likely to perform well under machining. Using cheap, low-quality aluminium extrusion is more likely to result in poor quality bends, increased amounts of scrap and wastage, and even breakage during the bending process. No matter how good the machinery and the process is, if the quality of the extrusion is too low, there’s not much we can do. When choosing the appropriate alloy for your application, it’s really important to bear in mind how it’s going to be worked, and how strong/malleable it is. Our technical team can advise you on the right kind of aluminium alloy for your project.


Yes: with our in-house capabilities and those of our trusted supply partners, we’re able to offer a comprehensive range of CNC tube / pipe bending and notching services. We’ve also got a whole host of other machining and fabrication services for aluminium extrusion, which means that we can offer things like vibro deburring, welding and anodising in addition to any required CNC tube / pipe bending and notching solutions.


Yes, we offer free issue CNC tube / pipe bending and notching services to a number of customers, although this doesn’t make up much of the CNC bending we do (which usually forms part of wider and more complex projects). We’re able to carry out one-off free issue CNC tube / pipe bending and notching services or set up a standing arrangement, depending on your requirements. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.


We have a wide range of in-house CNC tube bending capabilities, and we work with a global network of experts to further expand the services we’re able to offer. Our comprehensive solutions mean that we’re trusted to supply CNC tube bending services to brands across numerous industries and applications, including:

  • Accessibility and mobility
  • Outdoor events
  • Furniture and interior design
  • Construction and landscaping
  • Medical services and healthcare
  • Sports and leisure facilities

Our years of experience in CNC tube bending enable us to find the ideal solution for your project, using a variety of machinery and methodologies to get you the results you need. Find out more about our CNC tube bending services here.

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