Yes, aluminium extrusion mitring is just one of the many machining services we’re able to offer here at Edmo. All of our saws have mitre capabilities, and we have a range of specialist installations for this purpose, including a Mecal Twin Head saw.


Mitring extruded aluminium profiles isn’t a particularly complicated process, but it does take skill and experience to make sure that the job is done properly. One of the key challenges in mitring is, of course, to hold the correct tolerance: there’s no room for inaccuracy.

We look at every project closely, and carry out a risk and capability assessment in order to determine whether we’re able to give you the best results. While we’re able to carry out the vast majority of aluminium extrusion mitring projects that come our way, we’ll always let you know if something is beyond our machining capabilities before the project goes ahead.


Our aluminium extrusion mitring service is suitable for profiles of almost any thickness. If you’re unsure whether we’ll be able to cater to your requirements, please contact us: a member of our technical team will be more than happy to advise.


We’re able to mitre extruded aluminium pipes and tubes of up to 200mm x 200mm in diameter, making us a good fit for most projects requiring aluminium extrusion mitring. If you need mitring services for outsize components, please do contact us, as we may be able to source a solution for you with one of our global extrusion partners.


We can mitre aluminium extrusion profiles, including tubes and pipes, of up to nine metres in length, so we’re a good choice for most projects that need mitring work. If you require aluminium extrusion mitring for profiles longer than nine metres, it’s still worth taking the time to contact us as we may be able to source an appropriate mitring solution for you with one of our global suppliers.


All of the saws we have in-house at Edmo have mitring capabilities. We also have a specialist aluminium mitre saw: a Mecal twin head (also known as a double head) mitre saw. The twin head mitre saw has two cutting units - one fixed, and one movable - and allows for simple, accurate and speedy mitring. It features automatic positioning, a hydro-pneumatic blade feed, and mist spray lubrication for optimum results.

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