The in-house capabilities at our Ross-on-Wye facility enables us to machine extruded aluminium profiles of up to 6700mm in length. However, working with our network of extrusion specialist partners, we can work on profiles up to 12000mm in length.


The answer to this depends on batch volume. If you’re looking to put a hole or a slot in a component that’s being mass produced, the most cost-effective way to do so (in terms of price per unit) is to use a punch. However, initial tooling costs for this method are more expensive, so we’ll work with you to review your annual volume requirement and advise you as to which route is a better choice for your production run.


There are various types of potential aluminium surface defects, such as die lines, scoring, pick-up, tearing and weld defects. Some of these defects have no adverse effect on the usability of the extruded aluminium: for example, where the extrusions are used in a concealed application, where appearances don’t matter. However, for visible applications, we can correct aluminium surface defects through a range of machining and vibro finishing services, such as buffing. Treatments such as powder-coating and anodising also help to create a smooth, attractive finish on extruded aluminium; we offer both of these services to our customers.


Yes, we’re happy to take on free issue aluminium extrusion fabrication and finishing projects. Our integrated range of aluminium extrusion fabrication and finishing services, supplied through our in-house capabilities and our global network of extrusion partners, includes:

Browse our website for more information on our individual services. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss your extrusion fabrication requirements in detail.


Not everyone’s an expert in all things extrusion and fabrication, and we pride ourselves on being accessible to customers with varying levels of technical knowledge. This is one of the questions we get asked sometimes, and the answer is pretty simple. Aluminium extrusion is the process of forcing an aluminium billet through a die in order to change its profile (into a tube, or a bar, or an H-profile - there are almost endless possibilities). Aluminium extrusion fabrication is the fabrication of these extruded aluminium profiles. So, we might take an extruded aluminium sheet and then punch some holes in it. That’s fabrication. Or we might weld it: that’s fabrication, too. Aluminium extrusion fabrication just means working on the extruded profile - simple!


We offer a huge range of post-extrusion fabrication services, including CNC machining (such as drilling, milling, punching, bending and turning), plus welding (standard and specialist forms), cut to length and mitring. Some of these services are carried out by our in-house experts while others are accommodated by our network of trusted supply partners. In both cases, we manage the entire process for you, delivering the complete aluminium extrusion fabrication solutions your business needs.


Our range of aluminium fabrication services is ideal for manufacturers in a huge range of industries, including companies that make and supply windows and doors. Aluminium fabrication for windows may require any of the following services:

  • Extrusion: we provide a vast range of extruded aluminium profiles and components
  • Die casting: die casting can be an extremely cost-effective way of creating components
  • Aluminium fabrication: we have a comprehensive range of in-house machining capabilities
  • Powder coating: powder coating results in a hard-wearing, attractive finish ideal for windows
  • Assembly: windows manufacturers may require a sub-assembly to be sent to suppliers

For more information on aluminium fabrication for windows manufacturers, please contact us.


Yes. Edmo works with a lot of suppliers to the construction and architectural industries. Our extruded aluminium is strong, lightweight and ideally suited to the needs of aluminium falsework systems manufacturers.

Talk to a member of our technical team about how we can assist you in the production of high quality, hard-wearing and cost-effective aluminium falsework solutions.


Yes. Aluminium’s high tensile strength and relatively light weight is what makes it so suited to shoring systems and accessories. At Edmo, we supply bespoke extruded aluminium to the manufacturers of shoring systems.

We’re able to supply mill-finish aluminium to be fabricated elsewhere, or fully fabricated and collated components. If you’re looking for a supplier for your aluminium shoring systems and accessories business, we’d love to help.

Contact our technical team for a no-obligation chat.


Yes, we can. We work with a lot of suppliers to the construction industry, including producers of aluminium falsework, shoring systems and accessories.

We can supply extruded aluminium to be fabricated by our customers (or other fabrication specialists working on their behalf) - alternatively, we can source and fabricate extruded aluminium props ready for assembly or use.

With our extensive range of extrusion, fabrication and finishing solutions, we’re well set to look after customers who require aluminium shoring props.


There are a number of advantages to extruded aluminium shoring systems. Because aluminium is so light, aluminium shoring and falsework can be assembled quickly and easily by a relatively small team. Aluminium also boasts a good strength-weight ratio, making it suitable for a wide range of construction and excavation projects.

Modern aluminium shoring systems are also simple to assemble, with minimal complicated components and easily and flexibly located ledger frames.

At Edmo, we’re able to fabricate any number of aluminium shoring components, including props, frames and clasps. Contact us to talk about what you need.


Yes - we can supply extruded aluminium profiles suitable for trench shoring (trench shields and trench boxes). We’re able to provide customers with mill-finished aluminium extrusions, ready for fabrication elsewhere, or fully fabricated and finished aluminium that can be used in your end-product straight away.


We’re able to fabricate and finish almost any aluminium profiles and components. If you’re looking for a fabrication solution for your aluminium shoring system, we can help with everything from design (such as locating handling and lifting points on your components) to UK-wide delivery.


No - we don’t supply aluminium window systems complete and direct to customers. However, we do work with brands that supply and sell aluminium window systems. We can provide all the necessary extruded aluminium components and profiles, fabricated and finished appropriately. And, our assembly department can collate these items into sale-ready kits before packing and shipping them direct to you or your suppliers.

Are you an aluminium window systems manufacturer looking for a new supplier? Contact us today.


No - as a supplier of aluminium extrusion solutions, we don’t create and deliver completed products like aluminium door systems direct to consumers. However, our extrusion, fabrication and finishing services do mean that we’re able to supply the profiles and components needed by aluminium door system manufacturers. These can be pulled together in assembly-ready kits and shipped direct to suppliers by our assembly department, if required.

If you’d like to know more about what we can do for aluminium door system manufacturers, please contact us for a no-obligation chat.


Not directly. Edmo is a B2B business, which means we supply manufacturers rather than selling completed products direct to consumers. As specialists in aluminium extrusion, fabrication and finishing, we can create and supply custom extruded aluminium components and profiles to roof and roofline system manufacturers. This can range from mill finish profiles to complete kits, checked and finalised by our assembly department.

Find out more about how we can work with aluminium roof and roofline system specialists by contacting a member of our team today.


Not direct to consumers, no. At Edmo, our business is creating and supplying extruded aluminium profiles and components for manufacturers. These can then be used to create an infinite range of products - including aluminium conservatory systems. Our fabrication and finishing services can be used to supply our customers with completed items, or we can provide mill finish profiles and components to be fabricated elsewhere.

If you’re a aluminium conservatory systems manufacturer or supplier, and would like to know whether our extrusions are right for you, please get in touch for a no obligation discussion.


We manufacture to BS EN 755 standard. You can contact our team to find out what this standard will mean for your project.


Sometimes, yes. We may be able to manufacture to BS EN 12020, but we’ll need to review your drawings before we can confirm this. In the event that we’re not able to meet BS EN 12020, we’ll do our best to find you a workable solution, with us or someone else.

Submit your drawings for review.


Yes. We work with a number of clients in the architecture and construction industries. We’re able to source, fabricate, finish and deliver aluminium cladding to exact specifications.

Aluminium cladding remains a popular choice for the building industry as it’s strong, lightweight, cost effective, low maintenance, durable and safe. If you’re in the market for aluminium cladding with competitive prices and lead times, please contact us today for a chat.

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