Aluminium extrusion that’s been worked can often end up with sharp edges, which can be dangerous for those coming into contact with the workpiece in future, whether that’s customers or manufacturers. Additionally, sharp and rough edges can - if left untreated - cause damage to other components when items are packed and shipped. All in all, rough edges are bad news. Vibro deburring for aluminium extrusions gets rid of these sharp edges, resulting in a smooth, even workpiece that’s safe to handle and won’t damage any other items.


Yes, our aluminium extrusion vibro deburring services include pre-plating finishing. This kind of vibratory finishing service results in a smooth, flat surface ready for the extruded aluminium to be plated or coated. It helps to prevent the unsightly ‘orange peel’ effect that can result from plating or coating untreated metal.


Yes, our aluminium extrusion burnishing service is just one of the vibratory finishing services we offer here at Edmo. Burnishing helps to enhance the brightness of aluminium extrusion, and can add vibrancy to certain colour finishes. It’s an intense process that results in a brilliant lustre finish, making it ideal for applications where the extruded aluminium will perform a decorate purpose as well as a practical function.


Vibro deburring is the over-arching term we use for all our vibratory finishing services, and surface smoothing is just one of those services. The process involves using a particular vibration pattern, combination of chemicals and tumble medium to improve the surface finish of the extruded aluminium substrate, blending away defects and buffing off any sharp edges. Surface smoothing can also be used on precision metal components to create a super smooth surface.


Vibratory finishing services are used to achieve a uniform finish on extruded aluminium (and other materials). The most appropriate kind of vibratory finishing service for your project will depending on the condition of your substrate, the look you want to achieve, and any further treatments you’re planning, such as plating, painting, anodising and powder coating. We offer a whole range of vibratory finishing services for extruded aluminium profiles and components, and can vary the process, chemical mix and tumbler medium type to get you the results you want.


No, not at all - vibro deburring is simply short for vibratory deburring. The vibro - or vibratory deburring - process involves placing machined components and profiles into a piece of equipment where they are surrounded by tumbler media and chemicals. These tumbler media - often, but not always, small polymer beads - are vibrated around the metal to buff away any sharp edges, and to achieve a particular finish. The tumbler media and chemicals can be altered to achieve different effects.

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